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The Ying and Yang of introducing honey bees to Cardiff University's Cathays campus by Prof Les Baillie, Pharmabees

Friday, 17 May 2019

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The award-winning Pharmabees project is part of Cardiff University’s civic mission to support education, the creation of new jobs, and enhance the wellbeing of the people of Cardiff and beyond.  Taking the honey bee as its model the project has developed a series of innovative teaching activities designed to inspire the next generation of Welsh scientists and entrepreneurs.


In partnership with Welsh companies, the project is developing life affirming honey-based products and is actively involved in community projects focused on promoting social cohesion through the creation of pollinator-friendly urban spaces. To date, approximately 1 million honey bees have been introduced across the university’s Cathays Campus and there is concern that this misguided attempt to support local pollinators may be doing more harm than good. The challenge is to develop a strategy which benefits all at-risk communities, both human and insect.