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Search engines, websites and databases

A selection of useful search engines, databases and websites to help you find information on the European Union and the wider Europe.

Key resources

EUROPA searchThe EU’s own search engine to find information from EU institutions and agencies that is accessible via the EUROPA portal.

Search Europa

Set up by the European Journalism Centre to use Google to search the EUROPA portal.


Will help you find EU publications and documents, academic books, journal articles etc on topics of interest to the EU. Offers links to full text of sources if freely available, or via use of a Link-Resolver. Covers information in all the languages of the EU.


The official source of EU legislative and judicial information. Use it to find EU documents, such as legislative proposals, adopted legislation and caselaw of the European Court of Justice.

EU Bookshop

Use this to find EU publications. You can buy printed copies or freely download electronic copies of EU publications.
European Sources OnlineSearch ESO for EU documentation, websites, academic books and journal articles, stakeholder information, news sources etc. Free access with an emphasis on English language sources and a unique set of information guides to policies, institutions and countries. ESO also provides access to information on European countries and other international organisations working in Europe.
Registers of DocumentsThese can be used to find information not formally published or accessible via EUROPA. There are separate registers for the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, plus the Comitology Register.
Archive repositories

Some older EU documentation is not yet available electronically from EUR-Lex or EU Bookshop. For such material you can try these electronic repositories from external organisations: ArchiDok, Archive of European Integration (AEI) and CVCE. In addition, there are the EU's Historical Archives.

Europe on the internet

Further detailed information about online resources can be found in the Europe on the internet document.

Europe on the internet

Europe on the internet

24 August 2017

A selection of useful websites, databases and documents for information on the European Union and wider Europe.