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What to expect from an internship

Find out what to expect if you become an intern at the European Documentation Centre (EDC).

Our internships programme offers students and professionals starting their career a different insight into European information.

We aim to strengthen understanding of the complex realities of Europe, expertise on European affairs and research skills while contributing to the service we provide as a bridge between specialist knowledge and those who need it.

As an intern, you will be involved in the development and management of content in European Sources Online (ESO). This includes creating and revising narrative, monitoring and revising information sources, proposing new sources to be covered by the database and developing particular topics within it. Your own research interests will be taken into account when deciding which subjects need coverage.

Your internship may also include tasks relating to the management of our print collection of books and other documents, organising and participating in events hosted by the EDC, and developing the Centre’s social media presence.

Working on European Sources Online definitely helped me consolidate my knowledge on policy-making in the EU, and it was extremely interesting to gain in-depth expertise on some of the most critical topics that were making the headlines of the news.

Beatrice Emanuele Intern from Italy, at the Centre from June - September 2015.