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About us

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The European Documentation Centre (EDC) is a major source of information and expertise about Europe, including the institutions, activities and policies of the European Union (EU).

We have access to substantial information about the European Union and the wider Europe, both in paper and electronic form.

We aid the academic study of European integration and the growing European dimension in many academic disciplines. We give stakeholders and citizens the opportunity to connect with, and find out about, the EU and the European dimension in our lives.

We're open to students and researchers from all institutions in the region as well as the general public. The activities of the EU are the primary focus of the Centre, but we also provide information on all the countries and regions of Europe and on other international organisations working in Europe.

Our staff can provide information and expertise about the EU and the wider Europe in a professional and unbiased way. We can help you:

  • find answers to specific questions on the European Union and Europe for your work or studies
  • construct a fully rounded analysis of information on a topic
  • give your opinion to the EU on policy proposals and issues
  • find advice on living, working, studying or retiring in another EU country
  • find out more about the European dimension in your life and what being a 'European citizen' means
  • understand how the EU impacts on Wales.

European networks

We are part of the Europe Direct Information Network set up by the European Commission. We are an active member of the Wales European Information Network set up by the Representation of the European Commission in Wales.