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Staff books

Academic staff working within the creative writing theme are also published authors of poetry and prose.

Explore some of the books that our staff have recently published.

Eyelake book cover

Eye lake

Tristan Hughes, AHRC Fellow

Eli has lived in Crooked River his whole life. In fact, his family have lived there since Eli’s grandfather, Clarence, built the town’s first building and put the place on the map. It’s a town full of secrets and mysteries: like the time when Clarence walked to the river one day and never returned, or the time when Eli’s best friend, George, disappeared never to be seen or heard from again.

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Judas book cover


Damian Walford-Davies, Head of School

We follow Judas over the course of five days as he moves through first-century Jerusalem trying to make sense of the bewildering events surrounding the life and execution of Jesus This is a man for whom the future is as real as his anguished and traumatized present.

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Washing the dead book cover

Washing the dead

Shelagh Weeks, Senior Lecturer

Collection of linked stories, following Shelagh Week’s successful novel, Up Close. In 1921 Ellen squints into the city sky above Bristol and sees death everywhere. Abandoned by her husband, struggling to keep her family from the worst effects of poverty, Ellen cleans – other people’s houses, other people’s laundry, the bodies of the dead and finds the courage to face the day.

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Witch book cover


Damian Walford-Davies, Head of School

The poems in this collection are dark spells, compact and moving: seven sections, each of seven poems, each of seven couplets, are delivered by those most closely involved in the ‘making’ of a witch.

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