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Literacy support

We offer training and continuing professional development (CPD) workshops for teachers. These are designed to develop confidence and skill in discussing how language works.

In particular we concentrate on a functional approach to grammar which prioritises context in language use. We also offer training in relation to grammar and writing, specifically in terms of the grammatical features of different types of texts.

During the 2014-15 school year, we were involved in the Buckinghamshire WRITE Project, led by Lindsey Thomas. This project aimed to develop teachers' knowledge and skills, allowing them to create classrooms that balance precise instruction with creative thinking.

We have also established LLAWEN, Literacy and Language Awareness in Education Network. This collaborative network includes a partnership with Bangor University, Aberystwyth University and the University of Western England, as well as teachers and head teachers in local schools.

As part of Cardiff Literacy Project, Cardiff University students were assisted in creating interactive lessons in literacy. These were then delivered to students in the local community.

Past events

CPD Workshop for Teachers: On Writing and Grammar

This half day workshop took place on Saturday 18 October 2014. Simon Wrigley, co-founder of the National Writing Project, delivered a keynote speech on the importance of those teaching writing to be active writers themselves. This was followed by talks on developing writing skill and confidence by Lise Fontaine and Shelagh Weeks.

Embedded Literacy: Working Together on Grammar and Writing Across Subject Areas and Key Stages

On Monday 22 June 2015, an all day workshop was held on the importance of engaged learning. This featured the following workshops:

  • The Buckinghamshire WRITE Project : Wonder, Rigour, Innovation, Transformation, Empowerment in and through literacy - Lindsey Thomas and Helen Shakespeare, Buckinghamshire Learning Trust
  • Language and literacy in the secondary curriculum: the need for a UK approach - Urszula Clark, Aston University
  • The Reading to Learn Project in Spain - Rachel Whittaker, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) in Spain - Anne McCabe, Saint Louis University in Madrid
  • Grammar as Categories - Lise Fontaine, Cardiff University