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Our materials research covers a wide range of activities from the nano- to the macro- scale.

We utilise state-of-the-art techniques and facilities for:

  • deposition (e.g. thin films of new electronic and magnetic materials by pulsed laser ablation)
  • micromachining (e.g. femtosecond laser etching of microfluidic circuits)
  • characterisation (e.g. new types of thermoelectric materials)
  • theory and modelling (e.g. mechanical properties of nanostructured composites)
  • non-destructive testing (e.g. acoustic emission of aerospace components, microwave spectroscopy)
  • applications (e.g. textured insulators for high voltage systems, new types of orthopaedic implants).

Around a quarter of our staff are engaged in materials research of one kind or another, emphasising the underlying importance in engineering research, and this research stream has been established to provide a both a forum and focus for these activities.

We are currently engaged on research projects in the materials area with a wide range of multinational companies, such as Tata Steel, Airbus, Qinetiq and Merck.