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Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell

The BSc Exploration Geology at Cardiff University provided me the essential skills and knowledge to pursue my chosen career in the mineral extraction and exploration industry.

The wide variety of expertise and module choice gave me the chance to explore a range of subjects, and really get a feel for what interested me the most. This extensive variety allowed me to specifically tailor my third year to suit my interests and needs.

The quality of the teaching and the industry specific modules offered me with a great baseline that covered all areas I wanted to pursue in a career.

After my studies at Cardiff University I pursued a Master’s degree in Mining Geology, and I felt that the basic principles and further understanding from my BSc allowed me to excel in the Master’s programme.

Career progression

Post education, I have taken a position as a Junior Exploration Geologist working in Coté d’Ivioré for an intermediate gold producer. My role involves geological mapping, core logging and drill interpretation, modelling and report writing. The mineral resource industry has always excited me, and this interest stemmed from my studies at Cardiff University.

I couldn’t recommend Cardiff enough. The city is a great size and has the added benefit of being a capital city with many amazing events and opportunities.