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Katie Phillips

Katie Phillips

The atmosphere of Cardiff University and the city was exactly what I wanted for my undergraduate experience. I graduated in Geology (BSc) in 2016 and knew I wanted to peruse my passion for both geography and geology within my own career. That is why I decided to go into teaching.

During my time at the University I was able to join the Classroom Experience Project, one of the many extracurricular clubs available.

After graduating I undertook a PGCE in Secondary Geography and I am now Head of Geography at a school in Hampshire. I have lead a department of seven since Sept 2018.

Being part of School of Earth and Environmental Sciences allowed me to gain many skills that I am now able to transfer into the classroom and my department, such as team work, prioritisation of tasks, motivating pupils and guiding A level students into an undergraduate pathway. I was also able to get advice personally and professionally from undergraduate and postgraduate students, my lecturers, and my mentor.

Living in Cardiff

Beside the academic appeal, Cardiff is an amazing city. Everything is so close together and Cardiff University is in the perfect place for commuting and exploring the south Wales coastline. I have very fond memories of my four years studying and have made many lifelong friends from all around the world.