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Committees and UEB Cover Sheet - 2022/23

HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL / CONFIDENTIAL / NON-CLASSIFIED                                                                      Paper No.

UEB / Committee Name

Insert either University Executive Board and date or Committee name and date

Document title:

Title – cover sheet template (updated August 2022)


Ms Jo Bloggs, School/Department/Division

UEB Sponsor or Presenter(s) at Committee if different:

Professor ABC, PVC XYZ

Please ensure the presenter is aware they will be presenting this item to the Committee.

Paper Classification:


Delete as applicable. Sponsor to suggest paper classification, to be confirmed by UEB. See Publication Policy for definitions and disclosure policy.

Type of Paper:


  • For Decision


  • For   Discussion/Note

Cardiff Data Professional Verified:

Yes/No/Not applicable as no data (delete as applicable)

Please confirm if data in this paper has been verified by a Cardiff Data Professional and the confirmation of peer review is included.

To Inform of Outcome:

This section should include the names and roles of people who should be informed of the outcome of UEB’s consideration and/or the Committee who are not otherwise part of UEB/the Committee considering the paper.

If this section is left blank it will not be populated and it will be assumed that there is no requirement to inform individuals of the outcome of the meeting.


Briefly summarise the key information UEB/the Committee needs in order to understand the issues being addressed (headlines), to include any potential reputational risks for the University as well as the benefits.  This should be brief enough and with enough explanation to form the minutes.

Relationship to The Way Forward:

Demonstrate how this links to the achievement of the five Critical Success Factors (the health and wellbeing of our staff and students; financial sustainability; student satisfaction and experience; research grants and contracts; civic mission and our contribution to rescue, revive, renew) and/or the KPIs.

Focus on Students

If your paper is a proposal or policy related, please summarise how it will support and/or enhance the student experience/student life.

Resource Implications:

What are the resource implications (including financial implications) of doing/not doing? If the paper includes a request for funding, please state which budget line it is to be funded from.

Risk and Assurance:

If the purpose of the paper is to provide assurance against a compliance requirement, please state this explicitly.


  • Any links to risks on the institutional risk register and how the risk is affected;
  • Any links to risks on another risk register (e.g. operational, departmental) and how it relates to those risks;
  • If this paper highlights any new risks or opportunities for consideration by the University;
  • What are the risks if the actions proposed in this paper are not agreed and approved.
  • For guidance on risk management please contact the Senior Risk Advisor

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion:

If this paper is a report on a change in Policy or Practice, it is a legal requirement to carry out an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA). A template and guidance for EIAs is available here; please confirm this has been carried out and append a copy to this paper. If this is not a change to Policy or Practice, please indicate any identifiable impact (adverse or positive) on groups who share protected characteristics should your recommendation(s) be accepted or refused.

Sustainable development:

If this paper has the potential to impact on our Climate Emergency work relating to scope 1,2 and 3 carbon emissions, please detail the impacts of the work and, as appropriate, the proposed mitigations. For issues relating to Climate Emergency, Environmental Sustainability and beyond, please outline the social, economic and environmental value and issues arising from the proposal, including which of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals it addresses –

Committee Route:

If this paper needs to go from UEB to a University Committee as it requires a higher level of approval, please indicate the Committee and the date it should be presented in the table below. Delete rows as applicable.

If submitting this paper to Committees please complete the first line

Date of Committee


Presented For


Insert date

University Executive Board UEB paper number


Insert date

Name of Committee

Noting / Discussion / Recommendation / Approval

Insert outcome

Insert date

Name of Committee

Noting / Discussion / Recommendation / Approval

Insert outcome

Insert date

Name of Committee

Noting / Discussion / Recommendation / Approval

Insert outcome

The Board/Committee/Senate/Council [delete as appropriate] is asked to:

  1. RECOMMEND   …[the specific itemised proposals contained in the paper] to [Council or   other committee as relevant] for approval.


  1. APPROVE…[the   specific itemised proposals contained in the paper] NB: UEB/the Committee   must have the authority to do this (check with the Vice-Chancellor’s Office   for advice on UEB or the Corporate Governance Team for advice on committees   if unsure)


  1. DISCUSS…[the   key message contained in the paper] NB no decision is required of UEB/the   Committee but UEB/the Committee is invited to provide feedback


  1. NOTE…[the   key message contained in the paper] NB no decision is required of UEB/the   Committee and the paper is for information only