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Oral and biomedical sciences

Our research aims to improve the understanding of cellular and molecular processes that underpin infection, disease and trauma.

Research in this theme has a focus, but is not limited to the oral cavity. Our ultimate goal is to use our research to develop therapeutic approaches to improve human health. There is a strong translational aspect to our research, which benefits greatly from the continuous flow of knowledge between clinicians and basic scientists.

Research groups

The theme encompasses five overlapping and interdisciplinary research groups:


Advanced Therapies Group

The work of the group is focused on polymer therapies derived from nature in applied research.


Matrix Biology and Tissue Repair

Our research aims to understand and manipulate the interface between extracellular matrix (ECM) and the diversity of cells in the craniofacial complex.


Microbial Diseases Research Group

Our research has significant focus on the involvement of microbial biofilms in a wide range of human infections.


Regenerative Biology Group

Our research aims to enhance understanding of the cellular and molecular regulating the repair and regenration of oral, dental, dermal and neural tissues, during health and disease - delivering strong translational knowledge for patient benefit.

Institutes and networks

Researchers in the theme benefit from membership of University research institutes and networks including the Cardiff Institute of Tissue Engineering and Repair (CITER), the Arthritis Research UK Biomechanics and Bioengineering Centre and the Institute of Infection and Immunity.