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Dental education, scholarship and innovation

We are fully committed to the promotion and growth of research led education into all areas of dental education research (clinical and pedagogic), scholarship and innovation.

This allows us to fully support researchers in these areas and provides scope for development as well as innovative research within the theme.  Research within this theme is consistently delivered by clinical and academic staff who have committed and acknowledged roles in the delivery and development of clinical dental education, learning and scholarship.

We welcomes pedagogic, alternative and contemporary initiatives to engage in research within the context of the theme.  In addition, the school recognises the invaluable contribution that research within this theme can have with respect to individual, local and global impacts.

The Clinical Dental Education, Scholarship and Innovation theme is currently engaged into research and advances in a number of areas:

Dental Foundation Trainers' (DF1) expectations

We investigated Dental Foundation (DF1) trainers' expectations of dental graduates specifically in relation to "basic clinical skills", and explored whether these expectations were being met.

Modernising dental education

Our programme to modernise dental education aims to ensure we excel at how we train dentists and dental healthcare professionals.