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Applied clinical research & public health

Our research measures dental disease, social behaviour, dental practices and management processes to assess the public's dental health status and its future needs.

Our studies have informed major policy decisions, often impacting dental health on a global scale.

Consulting a GP rather than a dentist when experiencing problems with teeth or gums.

Research groups

The theme encompasses the following groups:

Public health

Dental Public Health Unit

Our research focuses on oral health improvement and ranges from clinical trials of preventive dental technologies to studies designed to further understanding of and actions to address oral health inequalities.


Orthodontics and Three-Dimensional Imaging Group

Research improves our knowledge and understanding of the development of the craniofacial complex and translates this knowledge into routine clinical practice and daily activities.


Violence Research Group

The Violence Research Group has helped bring about practical action to reduce violence at a global level.

Information unit

Welsh Oral Health Information Unit

The Welsh Oral Health Information Unit (WOHIU) works with the Wales Dental Epidemiology Co-ordinator to plan and deliver the NHS Dental Survey Programme for Wales.