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Welsh Language

An ability to speak Welsh will be very useful during your course and throughout your career in dentistry and healthcare in Wales. Bilingual skills are important to provide the best possible care to patients across Wales.

Watch our School of Dentistry, Welsh Language video.

We are committed to enhancing opportunities for students to use their Welsh language. Whether you are a Welsh speaker or keen to learn, there are many opportunities available to support your Welsh language skills, including:

  • a Welsh-speaking personal tutor as part of your pastoral care
  • opportunities to write assignments or take written examinations in Welsh if you wish
  • access to opportunities offered by the Cardiff Branch of Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol to use and develop your Welsh
  • social and sports clubs for Welsh speaking students
  • Welsh for All language courses to learn / develop your Welsh
  • an opportunity to share accommodation with other Welsh speakers
  • part-time job opportunities for Welsh-speaking students.

The staff are extremely supportive on the academic and clinical side and there are many opportunities to get to know students in the same year and beyond through the Dental Society (CDSS). Cardiff as a city is perfect for students – a perfect mix of city life and Welsh culture. I have recently volunteered to be the Welsh Ambassador for the School of Dentistry to promote Welsh language opportunities across the School. I really enjoy my time studying here in Cardiff, come and join us!

Ioan Price, Year 3 Dentistry (BDS) Student

Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol

Our Cardiff Branch of Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol is responsible for developing Welsh medium education in the University. With support on offer from our branch of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol you can:

  • find scholarships up to £3000
  • become a Coleg Cymraeg Ambassador
  • study for the Coleg's Welsh Language Skills Certificate
  • find work experience opportunities.

Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol

Cardiff’s branch of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol works with the university to provide Welsh language training and studying opportunities for students and staff.

Welsh for all

We believe you should have the opportunity to learn new languages whilst you study with us. Our Welsh for All programme offers weekly and intensive courses.

Get in touch

If you'd like to talk to someone about studying Dentistry or Dental Therapy and Hygiene and the Welsh language please get in touch with our Welsh Provision Manager: