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The School of Dentistry has a number of successful collaborations with many universities and industrial partners across the world.

Our international success is highlighted through three areas of our business, namely undergraduate education, postgraduate taught education and postgraduate research.

Our undergraduate programme has a limited number of places available for overseas students (maximum four).

All of our postgraduate taught programmes have strong international student contingents, especially our MSc Programmes in Clinical Dentistry, Implantology, Oral Biology and Orthodontics; which primarily recruit from overseas student markets.

Our thriving postgraduate research environment also benefits from significant contributions from our international PhD students and postdoctoral research staff.

Our undergraduate BDS students, postgraduate taught students and postgraduate researchers are also encouraged to access opportunities at Cardiff University to enhance the student experience at an international level, through the pursuit of various study, work and volunteering schemes available across the world. Such schemes are facilitated through the University’s Global Opportunity Centre, the Erasmus+ programme, School-led initiatives, or via other non-Erasmus+ schemes.

Recent initiatives have led to many of our BDS undergraduate students volunteering to undertake dental education and treatment schemes to patients in rural communities in Honduras and Ghana, funded by charities (such as Global Brigades) and industrial sponsors.

Equally, we have recently increased our acceptance of Erasmus+ undergraduate students from countries such as France and Germany, who have undertaken periods of research within the School of Dentistry as part of their undergraduate degrees.

Consequently, we are always open to enquiries from prospective incoming international and European exchange students (both from BDS Dental and BSc Biosciences undergraduates and postgraduates), who would like to undertake short-term periods of study or research with us.

International research partnerships

Academic and industrial research collaborations are a fundamental part of our international reputation and we have developed some long-standing and highly successful partnerships.

Our formal links with the China Medical University (CMU) and Fourth Military Medical University, are proving to be successful partnerships, with several visiting researchers spending time here at the School of Dentistry.

We also have significant collaborative links with other academic institutions and industrial partners in countries, including Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden and the USA.  These collaborations have culminated in the award of large research grants, patents, publications and clinical translation.  Many of our postgraduate students and postdoctoral staff have taken advantage of these collaborations to undertake periods of research at Universities in Australia, Norway, Sweden and the USA.

As the University continues to increase its international reputation, the School of Dentistry continues to foster new collabortive academic and industrial partnerships on a global scale.