Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Gwleidyddiaeth a Hanes Modern (BSc Econ)

Blwyddyn Mynediad

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Mae’r pynciau hyn yn bartneriaeth lwyddiannus sy’n cydfynd gyda’i gilydd yn effeithiol ar gyfer astudiaeth bellach.

Cadwch le ar ddiwrnod agored

Trosolwg y cwrs

As part of this integrated degree, you will benefit from a generous choice of optional modules on historical and political themes which are central to an understanding of public life in the modern world.

In your first year you will concentrate on core modules. In your second and final years you choose from a wide range of optional modules.

Politics as an area of study develops your knowledge and understanding of governments, governance and societies. Politics is central to our everyday lives. It explores people and power and involves drama and events of great significance both today and historically. Think of the electoral struggle between Left and Right, the power play of the Cold War, and the great enterprise of European integration.

Studying for a politics degree means investigating how politics works and delves into how parliaments and governments function while also allowing you to evaluate political ideas such as power, freedom, democracy, conflict, legitimacy and accountability.

The study of history enables you to learn about the different worlds of people in the past and to better understand the present. History gives you an insight into the process of change from Ancient Greece and Rome through the Medieval period to the modern day. You may study the history of societies in diverse parts of the globe, from India and China, through Germany and France, to Britain, Wales and Cardiff.

You will learn to think independently and to analyse a body of material, assess its strengths and weaknesses, and present your conclusions in well-written, lucid prose, as well as verbally.

Nodweddion nodedig

The politics department at Cardiff University has unrivalled academic links with the National Assembly for Wales via the Welsh Governance Centre and long established relationships with national and international organisations such as the Westminster parliament, European Union and NATO. This unique status gives students the opportunity to supplement their learning by engaging with political decision makers in the real world.

Derbyniad nesafMedi 2018
Hyd3 blwyddyn
Modd (astudio)Amser llawn
Lleoedd sydd ar gael fel arferThe school typically has 550 places available
Nifer y ceisiadau a dderbynnir fel arferThe school typically receives 3000 applicants
  1. Yr Ysgol Hanes, Archaeoleg a Chrefydd

    Adeilad John Percival

    Rhodfa Colum


    CF10 3EU

  2. Ysgol y Gyfraith a Gwleidyddiaeth

    Adeilad y Gyfraith

    Rhodfa'r Amgueddfa


    CF10 3AX

Gofynion mynediad

ABB to include History.  Excluding General Studies, Citizenship Studies and Critical Thinking 

Cymhwyster Prosiect Estynedig: Fel arfer, bydd ymgeiswyr sydd wedi ennill gradd A yn y Cymhwyster Prosiect Estynedig (EPQ) yn cael cynnig un radd yn is na’r cynnig safonol ar gyfer Safon Uwch. Noder bod yn rhaid bodloni unrhyw ofynion sy’n benodol i’r pwnc o hyd

Derbynnir Tystysgrif Her Sgiliau Bagloriaeth Cymru Uwch yn lle un pwnc Safon Uwch (ar y graddau a restrir uchod) ac eithrio unrhyw bynciau penodol.

The Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate will be accepted in lieu of one A-Level (at the grades listed above), excluding any specified subjects.

Award of the IB Diploma with 34 points with 665 at HL including  6 in HL History.

Gallai cymwysterau amgen gael eu derbyn. Cewch ragor o wybodaeth am ofynion mynediad ar dudalen meini prawf derbyn Y Gyfraith a Gwleidyddiaeth ac Ysgol Hanes, Archaeoleg a Chrefydd.

Os ydych yn ymgeisydd tramor ac nid Saesneg yw eich iaith gyntaf, ewch i'n tudalen am ofynion Iaith Saesneg i gael rhagor o wybodaeth am ba gymwysterau y byddwn yn eu derbyn.

You will require GCSE English or Welsh Language at grade B or grade 6. Alternatively, IGCSE English First Language or English Second Language will be considered at grade B. 

Ffioedd dysgu

Myfyrwyr y DU ac UE (2018/19)

Ffioedd DysguBlaendal


Ewch i'n tudalennau ffioedd dysgu i gael y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf.

Gallai cymorth ariannol fod ar gael ar gyfer unigolion sy'n bodloni rhai meini prawf. Cewch ragor o wybodaeth yn ein hadran arian. Dim ond hyn a hyn o gymorth ariannol y gall y ffynonellau hyn eu cynnig, felly ni allwn warantu y bydd pawb sy'n bodloni'r meini prawf yn cael arian.

Myfyrwyr tu allan i'r UE (2018/19)

Ffioedd DysguBlaendal


Ewch i'n tudalennau ffioedd dysgu i gael y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf.

Gallai cymorth ariannol fod ar gael ar gyfer unigolion sy'n bodloni rhai meini prawf. Cewch ragor o wybodaeth yn ein hadran arian. Dim ond hyn a hyn o gymorth ariannol y gall y ffynonellau hyn eu cynnig, felly ni allwn warantu y bydd pawb sy'n bodloni'r meini prawf yn cael arian.

Costau ychwanegol

Cyfarpar ar gyfer cwrs penodol

Any equipment required will be supplied by the School.


Mae gennym amrywiaeth o breswylfeydd sydd yn gweddu i anghenion a phoced yr unigolyn. Cewch wybod rhagor ar ein tudalennau llety.

Strwythur y cwrs

This is a three year, full time course consisting of 120 credits per year. You will take an equal number of credits in Politics and Modern History modules in each year allowing you to tailor your degree to reflect your specific interests.  

The first year is an introductory year with results from Years 2 and 3 determining your degree classification. A particular feature is the option of writing a dissertation in your final year. This is highly regarded by employers because it indicates that you can undertake original research.

Mae'r modiwlau a ddangosir yn esiampl o'r cwricwlwm arferol. Byddant yn cael eu hadolygu cyn blwyddyn academaidd 2018/19. Bydd y modiwlau terfynol yn cael eu cyhoeddi erbyn mis Medi 2018

Blwyddyn un

The first year provides a graduated transition to studying history and politics at degree level, and offers instruction in the skills, techniques and arguments that you will use.

You will study 60 credits in History and 60 credits in Politics during your first year of study.

Blwyddyn dau

You will take 60 credits in optional History modules and 60 credits in optional Politics modules.

Teitl modiwlCôd modiwlCredydau
Now and Next: From Academia to Employment (30 Credits)HS000330 credydau
Approaches to HistoryHS170130 credydau
Exploring Historical DebateHS170230 credydau
Entangled Histories: Wales and the wider World, 1714–1858HS170330 credydau
The British Civil Wars and Revolution, c.1638-1649HS174230 credydau
Nations, Empire and Borderlands from 1789-presentHS174930 credydau
A Great Leap Forward China Transformed, 1840-presentHS175230 credydau
The American RevolutionHS175430 credydau
From King Coal to Cool Cymru: Society and Culture in Wales, 1939-2000HS175630 credydau
Radicalism and the Common People, 1789-1880HS175830 credydau
Spain and the Conquest of the Americas, 1450-1650HS175930 credydau
"An Empire for Liberty": Race, Space and Power in the United States, 1775-1898HS176030 credydau
Urban Visions, Rural Dreams: City and Country in Britain and the United States, 1850-2000HS176430 credydau
India and The Raj, 1857-1947HS176530 credydau
Martyrs and Collaborators: Catholicism behind the Iron CurtainHS177230 credydau
Europe, East and West, 1945-1995HS177530 credydau
Into the Vortex: Britain and the First World WarHS178730 credydau
Making Empires: Britain and the World, 1541-1714HS179330 credydau
Gender, Sex and DeathPL922020 credydau
International Relations of the Cold WarPL922120 credydau
Colonialism, GPE and DevelopmentPL922220 credydau
Digital Technologies and Global PoliticsPL922320 credydau
Global GovernancePL922420 credydau
EU PoliticsPL922520 credydau
Comparative Politics: Protest, Power and PopulismPL922620 credydau
From Espionage to Counter-Terrorism: Intelligence in Contemporary PoliticsPL922920 credydau
The Power and Politics of Research MethodsPL923020 credydau
Critical War and Military Studies: an IntroductionPL923120 credydau
Modern Welsh PoliticsPL923320 credydau
Credoau'r CymryPL928620 credydau
British Politics since 1945PL928720 credydau
International Security: Concepts and IssuesPL928820 credydau
Justice and Politics: Contemporary Political TheoryPL929120 credydau
Global JusticePL929220 credydau
Political Thought from Marx to NietzschePL929320 credydau
Political Thought from Machiavelli to RousseauPL929420 credydau
International Law in a Changing WorldPL929920 credydau
The History of Thought in International RelationsPL931120 credydau

Blwyddyn tri

You will take 60 credits in optional History modules and 60 credits in optional Politics modules.

Teitl modiwlCôd modiwlCredydau
DissertationHS180130 credydau
The Thatcher Age: Cultural and Social Revolution in Britain, 1975-1997HS181430 credydau
Witchcraft and Witch-Hunting in Early Modern Europe, 1400-1750HS182430 credydau
Deviants, Rebels and Witches in Early Modern Britain and IrelandHS182830 credydau
From Bismarck to Goebbels: Biography and Modern German History, 1870-1945HS182930 credydau
Germany's New Order in Europe, 1933-1945HS183230 credydau
Conflict, Coercion and Mass Mobilisation in Republican China 1911-1945HS183830 credydau
Race, Sex and Empire: Britain and India, 1765-1929HS185530 credydau
Wales, the English reform movement and the French Revolution of 1789HS185630 credydau
Socialism, Society and Politics in Britain, 1880-1918HS186030 credydau
Llafur, Sosialaeth a Chymru, 1880-1979HS186230 credydau
Toleration and Persecution in Early Modern EuropeHS186630 credydau
Class, Protest and Politics: South Wales, 1918-39HS186830 credydau
Latin America: Conquest, Turmoil and Reconstruction, 1492-2000HS186930 credydau
Slavery in the United States: National Experiences, Global OriginsHS187730 credydau
Czechoslovakia: The View from Central EuropeHS188430 credydau
Europe and the Revolutionary Tradition in the Long Nineteenth CenturyHS188730 credydau
From Hernando de Soto to the Seven Years' War: Accommodation, Violence and Networks in Native American HistoryHS188930 credydau
The Dangerous City? Urban Society and Culture, 1800-1914HS189630 credydau
The Arts in War and Peace: Culture and Politics in Britain, c.1930-1960HS189730 credydau
International Politics in the Nuclear AgePL932020 credydau
Global Environmental PoliticsPL932220 credydau
Bombs, Bullets and Ballot-boxes: the Northern Ireland Conflict, 1969 to 1998PL932420 credydau
Political Economy: Rationality in an Irrational World?PL932520 credydau
Popular Culture and World PoliticsPL932820 credydau
China in the WorldPL933020 credydau
Cybersecurity: Diplomacy and Digital Rights in Global PoliticsPL933220 credydau
A History of British IntelligencePL933320 credydau
The Politics of Violence and KillingPL933520 credydau
Justice, Legitimacy and International LawPL933620 credydau
Latin American PoliticsPL933720 credydau
Sex, Drugs and Public PolicyPL933820 credydau
Visual Global PoliticsPL933920 credydau
Politics in Practice: Work Placement ModulePL934020 credydau
The Soul and the City: Plato’s Political PhilosophyPL934120 credydau
US Government and PoliticsPL937420 credydau
The Limits of Ethics in International RelationsPL937620 credydau
Cyfiawnder Byd-eangPL937720 credydau
Parliamentary Studies ModulePL938020 credydau
International Relations DissertationPL938520 credydau
Politics DissertationPL938620 credydau
Elections in the UKPL938720 credydau
Global International Organisation in World PoliticsPL939120 credydau
Personality and PowerPL939220 credydau
Mae'r Brifysgol wedi ymrwymo i ddarparu amrywiaeth eang o opsiynau modiwl lle’n bosibl. Ond byddwch yn ymwybodol er y byddwn yn gwneud pob ymdrech i gynnig dewis, gall hyn gael ei gyfyngu mewn rhai amgylchiadau. Y rheswm am hyn yw'r ffaith mai dim ond nifer cyfyngedig o leoedd sydd ar gael ar rai modiwlau, a gaiff eu dyrannu ar sail y cyntaf i'r felin. Mae'n ofynnol i fodiwlau eraill sicrhau isafswm nifer o fyfyrwyr cyn gallu eu cynnal, er mwyn gwneud yn siŵr y gellir cyflwyno addysg o ansawdd priodol. Gall modiwlau gael eu cyfyngu oherwydd gwrthdaro yn yr amserlen hefyd, ac er bod y Brifysgol yn ymdrechu i amharu cyn lleied â phosibl ar eich dewis, byddai'n syniad da i chi ofyn am gyngor gan yr Ysgol berthnasol am y dewisiadau modiwl sydd ar gael.

Dysgu ac asesu

Sut caf fy addysgu?

We offer a supportive learning environment, where you are enabled to acquire a range of skills and a wealth of specialist knowledge. Our courses foster intellectual skills, such as critical thinking, close analysis, evaluating evidence, constructing arguments, using theory and the effective deployment of language in writing and in debate. We also help you gain experience in team working, independent research and time management.

You will be taught both by lecture and seminar. Lectures provide an overview of the key concepts and frameworks for a topic, equipping you to carry out independent research for the seminars and to develop your own ideas. Seminars provide an opportunity for you to explore the ideas outlined in the lectures.

Seminars usually consist of about 15 students and the seminar leader (a member of the teaching team). Seminars may take various formats, including plenary group discussion, small-group work and student-led presentations.

History provides significant opportunities for learning and teaching through the medium of Welsh. Subject to staff availability, seminar teaching in Welsh is available on some or all of the major core courses, and at least one Welsh language option is offered in Years Two and Three. Welsh language supervision is also available for long essays (Exploring Historical Debate) and dissertations, and students may elect to write all or some of their assessed work and examinations in Welsh. 

Politics and International Relations also provides opportunities for learning and teaching through the medium of Welsh with seminar teaching in Welsh available in modules in each of Years 1, 2 and 3.   

Blwyddyn 1

Gweithgareddau dysgu ac addysgu wedi'u trefnu


Astudio annibynnol dan arweiniad


Lleoliadau ments


Blwyddyn 2

Gweithgareddau dysgu ac addysgu wedi'u trefnu


Astudio annibynnol dan arweiniad


Lleoliadau ments


Blwyddyn 3

Gweithgareddau dysgu ac addysgu wedi'u trefnu


Astudio annibynnol dan arweiniad


Lleoliadau ments


Sut y caf fy nghefnogi?

As well as having regular feedback from your personal tutor in each course, you will have a reading week each semester for guided study and a chance to catch up on assessed work, reading and revision. These weeks are also used by staff to visit students on their year abroad.

You will have access through the Learning Central website to relevant multimedia material, presentations, lecture handouts, bibliographies, further links, electronic exercises and discussion circles.

The University offers a range of services including the Careers Service, the Counselling Service, the Disability and Dyslexia Service, the Student Support Service, and excellent libraries and resource centres.


We’ll provide you with frequent feedback on your work. This comes in a variety of formats including oral feedback during tutorials, personalised feedback on written work, feedback lectures, generic written feedback and feedback on tutorial performance

Coursework will be marked by your module tutor and your tutor will give you written feedback on your work. You will also have a feedback class after each assessment. Students will be given general feedback in relation to examinations following the May/June examination period and you will be able to discuss your overall performance with your personal tutor as part of the monitored student self-assessment scheme.

Sut caf fy asesu?

A range of assessment methods are used, including essays, examinations, presentations, portfolios and creative assignments.

Essays and examinations are used not only for assessment purposes but also as a means of developing your capacities to gather, organise, evaluate and deploy relevant information and ideas from a variety of sources in reasoned arguments. Dedicated essay workshops and individual advice enable you to produce your best work, and written feedback on essays feeds forward into future work, enabling you to develop your strengths and address any weaker areas.

The optional final-year dissertation provides you with the opportunity to investigate a specific topic of interest to you in depth and to acquire detailed knowledge about a particular field of study, to use your initiative in the collection and presentation of material and present a clear, cogent argument and draw appropriate conclusions.

Dulliau asesu (2017/18 data)

Blwyddyn 1

Arholiadau ysgrifenedig


Arholiadau ymarferol


Gwaith cwrs


Blwyddyn 2

Arholiadau ysgrifenedig


Arholiadau ymarferol


Gwaith cwrs


Blwyddyn 3

Arholiadau ysgrifenedig


Arholiadau ymarferol


Gwaith cwrs


Pa sgiliau bydda i’n eu hymarfer a’u datblygu?

As a result of engaging fully with this course, you will acquire and develop a range of valuable skills, both those which are discipline specific and more generic ‘employability skills’. These will allow you to:

  • grasp complex issues with confidence
  • ask the right questions of complex texts
  • have an imaginative appreciation of different views and options and analyse these critically
  • identify and apply relevant data
  • develop practical research skills
  • propose imaginative solutions of your own that are rooted in evidence
  • communicate clearly, concisely and persuasively in writing and speech
  • work to deadlines and priorities, managing a range of tasks at the same time
  • learn from constructive criticism and incorporate its insights
  • work as part of a team, developing a collaborative approach to problem-solving
  • use IT programmes and digital media, where appropriate
  • take responsibility for your own learning programme and professional development.


Rhagolygon gyrfa

School of History, Archaeology and Religion

In 2015/16, 94% of the School’s graduates who were available for work reported they were in employment and/or further study within six months of graduating.

We believe in giving its graduates the best opportunities to find employment. We organise interactive workshops with the Careers Service to help students identify their skills and attributes and have our own, in-School Workplace Placements and employability officer. Some of our graduates enter professions which make direct use of their academic expertise. The majority however compete very successfully in a wide range of other fields. 

School of Law and Politics

In 2015/16, 97% of the School’s graduates who were available for work reported they were in employment and/or further study within six months of graduating.

Politics at Cardiff is a respected recruitment pool for a variety of employers within this sector with the Public Service Ombudsman for Wales, the Department for Education, , the UK Border Agency and a range of political parties all recruiting from the last graduating year.

Outside of the political sector, the degree is of interest to employers in both the public and private sectors, with graduates taking up management training opportunities within EY, Enterprise Rent A Car, Zurich Insurance and King Worldwide.


Diwrnod agored nesaf i israddedigion

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