Ewch i’r prif gynnwys


Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

This information applies to all undergraduate Cardiff Business School programmes.

Admissions tutors will look to the UCAS forms for evidence of ability across the following range of attributes:

  • Commitment to and interest in the subject area
  • Logical reasoning - ability to analyse and solve problems using logical and critical approaches
  • Effective communication - ability to express ideas clearly and effectively orally and in writing in the medium of English (or Welsh)
  • Numeracy skills
  • Autonomous learning - motivation and capacity for independent study
  • Time management - ability to manage a heavy academic workload effectively.

A-level, Welsh Baccalaureate and International Baccalaureate

Find out more about our A-level, Welsh Baccalaureate and International Baccalaureate requirements.

Other qualifications

Applications from those offering alternative qualifications are welcome, as are those who may have combinations of qualifications or other relevant work/life experience. If you would like to know the entry requirements for a specific qualification not listed here, please contact our admissions team on either admissions@cardiff.ac.uk or +44(0)29 2087 9999.

All applications for a place on any of the Business degree programmes must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application service. Applications can be made either in the English or the Welsh language. We recognise that if you are a Welsh speaker, you may feel more comfortable speaking to a Welsh speaking personal tutor. Provided there are Welsh speaking members of staff available, every effort will be made to allocate a Welsh speaker to you at any point of the application process.

All applications received during the main cycle (in accordance with deadlines of the UCAS application cycle) will be guaranteed equal academic consideration. Applications are considered throughout the cycle and equal consideration is given to all applications submitted by the deadline. The applications are assessed by a member of the admissions staff within the University.

Given the large number of applications to the School, assessment of an applicant is based entirely upon the UCAS form for the majority of applicants. However, in some cases information on the UCAS form may not be sufficient to make a decision on your academic potential. In these circumstances you may be called for an interview.

Primarily, offers will be made when your predicted grades meet the level required for the course and you are able to demonstrate evidence of the skills and potentials listed below in the "School Selection Criteria". Applicants may have either already demonstrated these skills, or will be in a position to acquire them through the qualifications that they are still in the process of completing at the time of their application. We will also take into consideration any special circumstances relating to an applicant of which it has been informed.

Making choices

You are advised to apply for only one programme from the Business School on their UCAS application. We will usually make an offer for the first choice and automatically reject other choices. If at the time of application you are uncertain of which choice to make, please contact an admissions tutor (business-ug@cardiff.ac.uk). As there is a great deal of flexibility within the school, you can change schemes at enrolment, in the first few weeks of term and at the end of the first year.

You will be invited to a UCAS Visit Day to discuss your application with staff and to see the School and its facilities.

We may request to invite you for interview where we are unable to determine potential from the UCAS form.

if you are eligible for additional consideration and are predicted a minimum of grades BBC, you will be guaranteed a typical offer on the School of Business undergraduate courses. View the University policy on use of contextual data.

The standard offer generally applies to students re-sitting their examinations. If you do not meet the entry criteria based on performance in re-sit exams, the admissions tutor may take into account exam results in a previous year but there can be no guarantee that this is the case.

When you apply through UCAS you have the choice to apply for the next academic year, so if you apply in 2016/17, you can apply for entry in 2017/18.

If you did not apply for a deferred entry at the time you made your application, but wish to defer subsequently, it may be possible for you to do so. You need to make a request in writing to the admissions tutor (email: business-ug@cardiff.ac.uk), explaining the circumstances surrounding your intention to defer.

Transfers with credit from another Higher Education institution

We do in some instances accept applications for direct entry onto the second year of a degree scheme at Cardiff Business School. First, you would need to meet the entry criteria for first year entry. Second, the programme that you have followed must be judged by us to be the equivalent standard to Year one of our degree and you must obtain for the year criteria that we set you; the norm is a grade B or a 60% average.

Transfer with credit from another programme at Cardiff University

Applications for transfers from students wishing to transfer to Year one from other Schools within Cardiff University are considered where you meet the entry requirements for the relevant degree scheme and is able to demonstrate motivation to study business. Applications must be received by 1 May of the transfer year.