Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Ystadegau Ymchwil ac Ymarfer Seiliedig ar Dystiolaeth

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

This e-Learning standalone Masters level module on Research, Statistics and Evidence Based Practice is appropriate for different healthcare professionals working in any clinical areas.

On completion of the module a student will be able to:

  • identify and reflect on different research methods (both qualitative and quantitative research), that are and can be used within healthcare
  • use this knowledge to evaluate literature critically and reflect on its implications for practice using appropriate methods for evaluating qualitative and quantitative research
  • integrate statistical principles in analysing data; being able to delineate the appropriate methods to use for differing data sets
  • demonstrate their research and statistical knowledge and skills, being able to identify appropriate research methods in order to address clinically meaningful questions
  • to use the knowledge in research, statistics and evidence based practice, to reflect on and synthesise the research findings, to their clinical practice.

The aim is to offer an academic overview of the  main research and statistics topics so that healthcare professionals are able  to appraise evidence appropriately for application to practice. It does not provide a step by step guide on how undertake specific statistical tests but  teaches why certain tests are used and how results should be interpreted.

Module description

The Research, Statistics and Evidence Based Practice module is a 12 week stand alone (20 credits) masters (M) level e-Learning module. The module aims to provide the student with the knowledge and the skills to study M level, within the research process and how to critically evaluate, synthesise and reflect on research and research findings, in relation to practice. The module is an ideal course for someone thinking about doing an MSc, wanting to undertake research and/or thinking about service developments and justifying them.

The emphasis is on:

  • research principles and statistical analysis methods
  • the research process and the interaction of various elements within it
  • the various ways research can be conducted and the selection of various methods to answer specific types of questions
  • how to integrate research methodology in order to plan research
  • skills to critique published research
  • the process of ‘Evidence Based Healthcare
  • research ethics.

The content includes:

  • introduction to evidence based healthcare
  • introducing research and the research process (supported by references/links to information on types of research).
  • audit (introduction to the audit process)
  • introduction to statistics.

This is an e-Learning module with an integrated method of teaching and a range of different media to present key knowledge. The nature of e-Learning means that the module can be studied and completed at the students pace and allows flexibility to fit in with working in clinical practice.

Students will access the modules through the medium of Learning Central which is Cardiff University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which delivers the course materials. This is accessible via all forms of computer (desktop / laptop / tablet), smart phones and iPads; via a dedicated Learning Central application (downloadable from the Apple app store).

Teaching and assessment

The e-Learning aspect of the module means you do not have to attend any lectures and all teaching is online via Learning Central.

Communication with the module team/module cohort is facilitated through discussion board forums in which students are encouraged to communicate  with the module team about any specific queries and questions.  The course team offer support Monday-Friday (9-5) by email, telephone and online discussion boards/forums.

The method of assessment is online via a continuous 12 week assessment (with a two week introductory block). There are no residential components or written examinations to attend so there would be no need for you to travel to Cardiff University for course purposes. The method of assessment is completion of MCQs which  relate to the module content. The MCQs are available to complete throughout the  10 week assessment period (plus a two week introductory block). The module team  recommend that students spend approximately 10 hours a week on their module  assessment.

To prevent the student feeling isolated, there are discussion boards where students can interact with each other and the module team (who access them daily) for help and advice in developing their assessment. If students experience any personal problems whilst studying the team are also available to discuss anything in confidence by telephone.

How to apply

Please contact our Postgraduate Taught Medical Admissions Team at PGTMedAdmissions@cardiff.ac.uk for details on how to apply.


There are 4 options available, dependant on your area of practice.

Start in September of each year

  • MET239 Research, Statistics and Evidence Based Medicine (join the cohort on the MSc in Pain Management programme)
  • MET250 Research Governance and Evidence Based Practice (join the cohort on the MSc in Critical Care programme)
  • MET318 Research and Evidence Based Medicine (join the cohort on the MSc in Advanced Surgical Practice programme)

Start in October each year:

  • MET290 Research, Statistics and Evidence Based Medicine (join the cohort on the MSc in Pain Management (Primary and Community Care) programme

Please ensure that you quote the appropriate module title ‘‘Research Statistics and Evidence Based Practice – MET500’’ (delete) on your application – ensuring that you specify which intake you are applying for e.g. 2020/21.

In order to undertake the module the applicant must have constant and reliable broadband internet access and have basic computer literacy skills. The IT knowledge or ability required to undertake the module is by no means advanced but applicants must be comfortable with using the internet and Microsoft Word at a basic level and with this method of learning (e-Learning).

Please contact the Admissions Team for further information on: pgtmedadmissions@cardiff.ac.uk.

We reserve the right to cancel the delivery of a standalone module. This could happen if a course is under-subscribed or if there is a change in circumstances. This is due to the fact that some modules have minimum student numbers required before they can run. This is to ensure that an appropriate quality of education can be delivered. When this happens we will issue a full or partial refund depending on whether any classes took place.

Entry requirements

Applicants must:

  • be a qualified healthcare professional or be working in a healthcare setting
  • and  hold a UK higher education qualification from a UK institution with relevant degree awarding powers as detailed by the Department of Education and Skills
  • or be able to demonstrate equivalent skills that are sufficient to meet the demands of the module of study in question and be approved as such by the Head of School or his/her nominee.

Entry is open to EU and non EU applicants who:

  • satisfy the above or hold a non-UK qualification equivalent to CQFW credit level 6 or above as defined and detailed by the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (NARIC)
  • or who are able to demonstrate equivalent skills that are sufficient to meet the demands of the module of study in question and be approved as such by the Head of School or his/her nominee
  • and satisfy any applicable University language competency requirements as detailed in the Cardiff University Senate Regulations (available via the Cardiff University website).

Please note all students applying for the course must be in relevant paid employment.

With your application you must provide two references and copies of your academic and professional degree certificates. You are able to fax references and documents directly to me in the course team if you wish, rather than sending them via the Admissions team however the paper application form must be sent via the address on the application form (Postgraduate Admission – Cardiff University) as it must be allocated an application number upon receipt. The course fax number is +44(0)29 2074 3412. Alternatively you may email scanned images to this email address. If you have any further questions please get in touch.

Applicants whose first language is not English must satisfy the Cardiff University General Entrance Requirements including the English Language requirements*.

Please see our English language requirements webpages for further information.

*Applicants who do not meet the qualification criteria listed under the English language requirements in the above link should contact the course team to discuss whether alternative evidence of English language competence may be sufficient (e.g. evidence of successful completion of a first or subsequent degree entirely in the medium of English, for a minimum of one year).

Please note that students should have taken the IELTS no more than two years before the proposed date of entry to the University. For more information, please visit our international web pages.

Tuition fees

Check our fee pages for information about tuition fees for postgraduate taught programmes.


Postgraduate Taught Admissions Team

School of Medicine