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Heneiddio Iechyd a Chlefyd (MSc)

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  • Dull astudio: Amser llawn

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Dewisiadau'r cwrs Gweld dulliau astudio eraill
Dyddiad dechrau

Diwrnod agored

Dysgwch am astudio'n ôl-raddedig yma yn ystod ein Diwrnod Agored nesaf.

Pam astudio’r cwrs hwn

Mae’r cwrs hwn yw cynnig cyfle i fyfyrwyr o amrywiaeth o sefyllfaoedd iechyd a gofal cymdeithasol ymchwilio i anghenion iechyd ac anghenion cymdeithasol cymhleth pobl hŷn sy’n byw yn y gymdeithas sydd ohoni. Mae’n ceisio cyflawni hynny drwy ddarparu addysg ryngddisgyblaethol, ac o safon ym maes heneiddio, iechyd a chlefydau.


Dysgu gydag arbenigwyr blaenllaw

Cynllunnir a chyflwynir gan arbenigwyr profiadol ym meysydd geriatreg a gerontoleg ac ymarferwyr blaenllaw mewn gofal iechyd henoed.


Dysgu cyfunol hyblyg

Fformat dysgu cyfunol hyblyg sy'n sicrhau eich bod yn gallu astudio ochr yn ochr â'ch ymrwymiadau proffesiynol.


Astudio rhyngbroffesiynol

Gweithio, dysgu a chydweithio â myfyrwyr a staff o ystod o broffesiynau gofal iechyd a disgyblaethau academaidd eraill.


Fformat modiwlaidd

Dull modiwlaidd sy'n annog cymhwyso ac adfyfyrio, gan ddatblygu sgiliau datrys problemau a beirniadol y cyfranogwyr.


Ymagwedd ymarferol, datrys problemau

Maint a chyfansoddiad y grŵp yn helpu i greu rhyngweithio optimaidd a datblygu sgiliau datrys problemau a dadansoddi beirniadol.

COVID19 UPDATE The mode of delivery for this programme (2020/1 entry) has been altered due to the COVID19 pandemic. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our students and staff, we have taken the decision to convert the first term of this programme to fully online distance learning. We will review the pandemic situation constantly and make an informed decision about whether the second term will also be delivered online or face to face as soon as we are able to. If you have any questions at all, please contact the Postgraduate Medical Admissions Office at PGTMedAdmissions@cardiff.ac.uk.

This full-time MSc aims to offer health and social care professionals, and graduates in related fields, the opportunity to explore the complex health and social needs of older individuals living in today’s society. It provides high quality integrated and multidisciplinary education in the field of ageing, health and disease through the teaching and learning opportunities in the modules.

The teaching draws on the latest thinking and research evidence in the field and the course is open to a range of health and social care professionals, mirroring the multidisciplinary nature of gerontology.

The course aims to provide key biological, social, ethical, demographic, economic and psychosocial aspects of aging, together with an assessment of their relevance and the implications for work with older people. In addition, you will develop an understanding of some of the common physical and mental illnesses encountered in older individuals.

Ble byddwch yn astudio

Yr Ysgol Meddygaeth

Rydym ni'n un o ysgolion meddygaeth fwyaf y DU, wedi ein hymrwymo i geisio gwella iechyd pobl drwy addysg ac ymchwil.

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  • Telephone+44 (0)29 2068 7214
  • MarkerYsbyty Athrofaol Cymru, Parc y Mynydd Bychan, Caerdydd, CF14 4XN

Meini prawf derbyn

This course is suitable for both UK and overseas graduates in medicine, nursing, and allied professions, e.g. physiotherapy, dietetics, occupational therapy, social services, and other professionals and managers who work with older people. Applicants will normally possess an initial degree in medicine or related health/social care subject. On occasion, we may also admit non-graduates whose lack of formal qualifications is compensated for by relevant professional experience (evidenced by references).

English Language Requirements: IELTS 6.5 with 5.5 in all subskills or equivalent.

Rhagor o wybodaeth am ofynion Iaith Saesneg.

Mae'n rhaid i ymgeiswyr sydd angen fisa Haen 4 i astudio yn y DU gyflwyno cymhwyster iaith Saesneg derbyniol er mwyn bodloni gofynion UKVI (Fisâu a Mewnfudo y DU).

Euogfarnau troseddol

You are not required to complete a DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) check or provide a Certificate of Good Conduct to study this course.

If you are currently subject to any licence condition or monitoring restriction that could affect your ability to successfully complete your studies, you will be required to disclose your criminal record. Conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • access to computers or devices that can store images
  • use of internet and communication tools/devices
  • curfews
  • freedom of movement
  • contact with people related to Cardiff University.

Strwythur y cwrs

The full-time MSc course lasts for a total of 50 weeks, and consists of two stages (stage T: taught and stage R: research dissertation).

The taught stage lasts approximately nine months and consists of six 20-credit modules totalling 120 credits, at Level 7. The dissertation stage lasts for approximately three months and consists of a dissertation of 60 credits at Level 7. These stages combine to give a total of 180 credits at Level 7 to complete the MSc.

The taught stage contains three compulsory 20-credit modules, one of which you must pass in order to progress to the next stage or receive an award. You will also select three further 20-credit modules from a choice of optional modules. In this way, you will be able to exercise choice regarding the modules you wish to study, thereby increasing the relevance of learning to your professional practice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The optional Research Methods module is a prerequisite for progression to the Dissertation Stage (completed in Stage R).

Every module commences with a study block of approximately five days, followed by a period of directed and self-directed study, and concludes with a consolidation block of up to two days. The teaching blocks take place in Cardiff but there is no face-to-face activity between the teaching blocks during the period of directed and self-directed study. Full-time students take the same modules as part-time students but at a more intensive pace.

Dissertation (stage R)

The dissertation is normally not more than 20,000 words and supported by such other material as may be considered appropriate to the subject, and should include the results of your period of project work. The dissertation is worth 60 credits and is weighted 50% for the purpose of calculating your final mark.

Mae'r modiwlau a ddangosir yn esiampl o'r cwricwlwm arferol. Byddant yn cael eu hadolygu cyn blwyddyn academaidd 2020/21. Bydd y modiwlau terfynol yn cael eu cyhoeddi erbyn mis Medi 2020.

Teitl modiwlCôd modiwlCredydau
Research Methods in Ageing, Health and DiseaseMET55420 credydau
StrokeMET55520 credydau
Neurodegenerative Disease and DementiaMET55720 credydau
Bone Health, Falls and FrailtyMET55820 credydau

Mae'r Brifysgol wedi ymrwymo i ddarparu amrywiaeth eang o opsiynau modiwl lle’n bosibl. Ond byddwch yn ymwybodol er y byddwn yn gwneud pob ymdrech i gynnig dewis, gall hyn gael ei gyfyngu mewn rhai amgylchiadau. Y rheswm am hyn yw'r ffaith mai dim ond nifer cyfyngedig o leoedd sydd ar gael ar rai modiwlau, a gaiff eu dyrannu ar sail y cyntaf i'r felin. Mae'n ofynnol i fodiwlau eraill sicrhau isafswm nifer o fyfyrwyr cyn gallu eu cynnal, er mwyn gwneud yn siŵr y gellir cyflwyno addysg o ansawdd priodol. Gall modiwlau gael eu cyfyngu oherwydd gwrthdaro yn yr amserlen hefyd, ac er bod y Brifysgol yn ymdrechu i amharu cyn lleied â phosibl ar eich dewis, byddai'n syniad da i chi ofyn am gyngor gan yr Ysgol berthnasol am y dewisiadau modiwl sydd ar gael.

Dysgu ac asesu

Sut y caf fy addysgu?

A wide range of teaching methods will be employed, including but not limited to: lectures, structured tutorials, technology enhanced learning, case-studies, small group discussions, student led seminars and presentations, learning visits, discussions, debates and self-directed learning activities.

As well as formal structured teaching and tutor-guided activities, each module incorporates a period of self-directed study. Within this you will be expected to prepare a presentation based on the taught modular content and/or structured formative assessment exercises.

In addition (depending on the module) you will be expected to undertake: assignment preparation, background reading, literature reviews, development of ideas, critical reflection on the subjects being studied, the completion of personal portfolios demonstrating how you are applying the new knowledge, skills and attitudes in your own practice and your professional setting.

Students completing the MSc stage will conduct an extended project under supervision. The choice of projects available embraces activities that are either research-based or non-research-based and clinical or non-clinical in type. They are undertaken in settings that are appropriate to the nature of the project. You will be allocated an appropriate supervisor for the entire duration of the dissertation phase.

Sut y caf fy asesu?

Each taught stage module is summatively assessed, including through the completion of a written assignment which can take the form of e.g. an essay, a literature review, a critical evaluation of issues in Gerontology, a Research Protocol etc. All assignments are expected to include critical appraisal of the evidence-based literature.

Formative assessment is conducted through methods such as the oral presentation given in the consolidation block and is peer-assessed by the class. The requirements for formative assessment will vary from module to module, but other formative assessment opportunities include the completion of a portfolio and the completion of structured study exercises based around the modular content.

Portfolio Maintenance:

You are required to maintain a portfolio to demonstrate how the skills and knowledge gained have been applied to your practice and to demonstrate:

  • Evidence of self-assessment and identification of learning needs.
  • Evidence of how you have combined the learning outcomes of the module with your own learning needs, and reflected on the impact of your learning.
  • Evidence of how you have addressed your learning needs and achieved the module learning outcomes.

Either the module leader, programme team or a tutor from the relevant area will provide formative feedback.

Details of the specific assessment tasks used in each module are provided in the individual module description documents.

Sut y caf fy nghefnogi?

Each student will be assigned to a personal tutor for the whole period of the course to provide help and support.

Members of the programme team are available to help on any academic issue. Contact should initially be made with the course administrator.

Support for thesis/main project – information concerning supervision of theses will be provided in the Dissertation Handbook.

Please refer to student handbook for further detail.


Pa sgiliau y byddaf yn eu hymarfer a’u datblygu?

By fully engaging in this Master's level course, you will have the opportunity to gain a wealth of skills and abilities you can apply to any professional setting. In addition to greater conceptual understanding of current knowledge, issues and methods, you will have opportunities to practise and develop abilities in critical analysis, the application of evidence-based medicine and in dealing with complex issues systematically and creatively.

Your studies should also help you develop your problem-solving and decision-making abilities by enabling you to utilise evidence effectively and communicate important concepts to colleagues and others. Through the research focused elements you should be able to develop and enhance skills in literature review, critical evaluation, research design, research methodologies, data collection, data analysis and research principles.

By fully engaging in this course, you should also be able to:

  • Incorporate knowledge from the life sciences, epidemiology sociology and the humanities into care provision for older people.
  • Continue to develop an interdisciplinary knowledge base to inform service provision and care of older people.
  • Appraise and apply suitable approaches to the health and social care of older adults.
  • Plan, develop and evaluate effective and innovative services to meet the needs of older people by challenging traditional models of provision.
  • Develop criticality, scholarship and research skills and apply these to the care of older people.
  • Critically evaluate complex issues in gerontology in systematic ways so as to make sound judgements in the absence of complete data.
  • Develop critical reasoning and critical reflection in relation to your application of new learning to practice.
  • Assess the standards of care for older people in a range of settings and critically evaluate approaches to auditing care quality.
  • Articulate the major ethical, sociological and political issues associated with planning services for older people and researching older populations.
  • Perform clinical assessment and formulate integrated and interdisciplinary care plans based on sound knowledge of the presentation and progression diseases and conditions in old age, critical analysis of current literature and thorough consideration of patient and lay carer needs.

Ffioedd dysgu

Myfyrwyr y DU ac UE (2020/21)

Ffioedd DysguBlaendal

Rhagor o wybodaeth am ffioedd dysgu a blaendaliadau, gan gynnwys ar gyfer myfyrwyr rhan-amser a pharhaus.

Gallai cymorth ariannol fod ar gael ar gyfer unigolion sy'n bodloni rhai meini prawf. Cewch ragor o wybodaeth yn ein hadran arian. Dim ond hyn a hyn o gymorth ariannol y gall y ffynonellau hyn eu cynnig, felly ni allwn warantu y bydd pawb sy'n bodloni'r meini prawf yn cael arian.

Bydd myfyrwyr o'r EU sy'n dechrau yn 2020/21 yn talu'r un ffioedd dysgu â myfyrwyr o'r DU dros gyfnod eu cwrs. Dylech nodi y gall ffioedd gynyddu'n flynyddol yn unol â chwyddiant. Nid yw Llywodraeth Cymru wedi cadarnhau ffioedd a chyllid i fyfyrwyr o'r EU sy'n dechrau yn 2021/22 eto. Byddwn yn darparu rhagor o wybodaeth cyn gynted ag y gallwn.

Myfyrwyr tu allan i'r UE (2020/21)

Ffioedd DysguBlaendal

Rhagor o wybodaeth am ffioedd dysgu a blaendaliadau, gan gynnwys ar gyfer myfyrwyr rhan-amser a pharhaus.

Gallai cymorth ariannol fod ar gael ar gyfer unigolion sy'n bodloni rhai meini prawf. Cewch ragor o wybodaeth yn ein hadran arian. Dim ond hyn a hyn o gymorth ariannol y gall y ffynonellau hyn eu cynnig, felly ni allwn warantu y bydd pawb sy'n bodloni'r meini prawf yn cael arian.

Costau ychwanegol

A fydd angen unrhyw gyfarpar penodol arnaf I astudio’r cwrs hwn?

You will not need any specific equipment, but you will need a reliable computer with high speed Internet access (and up-to-date virus and malware protection) and appropriate software.

Gyrfaoedd graddedigion

This programme is suitable for those who wish to increase their knowledge of health in the ageing patient in order to help improve patient care.

This Masters programme enables you to demonstrate you are taking the opportunity to develop your abilities in critical analysis, problem-solving, decision-making, finding and using evidence and in dealing with complex issues. The programme is not a substitute for a formal specialty training programme but studying at this level should help successful students demonstrate numerous academic skills that should be highly regarded in relation to their career development and progression. In particular, the programme offers opportunities to demonstrate the development of knowledge and skills in relation to the application of evidence-based medicine and the potential enhancement of services and governance frameworks. As such, it should provide evidence of commitment and potential that may assist you in relation to taking on greater responsibilities or perhaps seeking management, research, scholarship, or leadership roles.


Ysgoloriaethau Rhagoriaeth Meistr

Dyfarniad o £3000 sy'n agored i holl fyfyrwyr y DU a'r UE sy'n bwriadu astudio un o'n cyrsiau Meistr ôl-raddedig.

Cyllid Graddau Meistr Ôl-raddedig

Os ydych yn ddarpar fyfyriwr gradd Meistr ac yn dechrau eich gradd meistr ym mis Medi 2020 neu’n hwyrach, gallech wneud cais ar gyfer benthyciad ôl-raddedig ar gyfer eich gradd ym Mhrifysgol Caerdydd.

Camau nesaf


Ymweliadau Diwrnod Agored

Cofrestrwch ar gyfer gwybodaeth am ein dyddiadau yn 2020.

Gwnewch ymholiad

Cysylltwch â ni am ragor o wybodaeth am y cwrs hwn.


Mwy o wybodaeth am ein prifysgol fyd-eang.

Rhagor o wybodaeth

Pynciau cysylltiedig: Gwyddorau biofeddygol, Gofal iechyd, Meddygaeth, Nyrsio a bydwreigaeth