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Mae ymchwil Ysgol Cemeg yn amryfal ei natur ac yn cwmpasu themâu sylfaenol ac ymarferol fel ei gilydd.

PhD, MPhil Amser llawn, rhan-amser Rhaglen

Fferylliaeth a Gwyddorau Fferyllol

Byddwch yn astudio ac yn gweithio mewn ysgol aml-ddisgyblaethol hunangynhwysol, gyda chyfleoedd gwych ar gyfer cydweithio gydag adrannau cysylltiedig cryf ym mhob un o'r gwyddorau biofeddygol yn yr un gyfadran, y Coleg Biofeddygol Gwyddorau Bywyd, neu gyda Ysgolion Cemeg neu Beirianneg y Brifysgol.

PhD, MPhil, MD Amser llawn, rhan-amser Rhaglen

Sbectrosgopeg a dynameg

Mae gennym restr helaeth o brosiectau sydd ar gael yn y modiwl sbectrosgopeg a dynameg.


Cemeg Fiolegol

Mae gennym restr helaeth o brosiectau sydd ar gael yn y modiwl cemeg fiolegol.


Discovery of novel cancer immunotherapeutic agents

in this PhD project, the design, synthesis and biological evaluation of small synthetic molecules that manipulate the immune system to eliminate cancer cells will be pursued.


Synthesis moleciwlaidd

Mae gennym restr helaeth o’r prosiectau sydd ar gael o fewn synthesis moleciwlaidd.


PhD in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences: Discovery of novel cancer immunotherapeutic agents

This PhD project will pursue the design, synthesis and biological evaluation of small synthetic molecules that manipulate the immune system to eliminate cancer cells.


Gwyddoniaeth Ryngwynebol a Chatalysis

We have an extensive list of projects that are available within catalysis and interfacial science.


Time resolved spectroscopy for 21st century materials

This project will apply state-of-the-art time resolved transient absorption spectroscopic (TAS) methods, combined with high level computational chemistry, to investigate 21st century materials for use in these applications.


Synthesis of Microcarriers for Focal Drug Delivery to the Brain

The aim of this project is to produce an injectable biohybrid scaffold capable of releasing a range of potential therapeutics in a sustained manner over a period of weeks or months.


The Productive Merger of the Borrowing Hydrogen Principle with Organocatalysis

The project will involve utilizing both synthetic and mechanistic approaches to discover and investigate new organocatalytic reactions.


Asymmetric catalysis using environmentally benign calcium complexes

The research specifically concentrates on the Alkaline Earth metals (magnesium, calcium and strontium) and the lanthanide metals.


Discovering zinc signalling mechanisms to prevent breast cancer progression

Nod y prosiect hwn yw i brofi model ar gyfer signalu sinc integredig mewn celloedd, gan gadarnhau union rôl cludwyr sinc gwahanol a chysylltu’r canfyddiadau i effeithiau biolegol sylfaenol sinc cellog.


Tailoring molecular functions by boron-nitrogen doping of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

This project will be centered on the development of new organic synthetic methodologies that will allow the controlled insertion of B3N3-rings into nanographene structures.


Computer simulation of metal-amyloid interaction and its role in plaque formation

This project will use modern simulation methods to describe in detail how metals bind to the peptides that cause Alzheimer’s disease, and the effect different metals have on their structure and aggregation characteristics.


Large Scale Production of Antibacterial Peptides by a Synthetic Biology Approach

This PhD programme will aim to address all the challenges in using Antibacterial peptides (AMPs) as antibiotics.


Computation-led materials design for heterogeneous catalytic applications

In this project we propose to investigate the properties of multi-component, earth abundant transition metal oxides (TMOs) when applied to valuable industrial processes (e.g. Hydrogen production)


Expanding the scope of powder X-ray diffraction: Development and application of next-generation methodology for structure determination

The aim of the PhD project is to fully develop and optimize this combined powder XRD/solid-state NMR/DFT-D strategy as the next-generation approach for structure determination from powder XRD data.


Detection of reaction intermediates in catalytic reactions by microwave perturbed electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy

This project will aim to fundamentally understand how microwave (MV) specific effects lead to enhancement of photogenerated radical lifetimes, and to indirectly understand how MWs heating of liquids and solids occurs.


Tailoring molecular functions by O-annulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

This studentship will support an EPSRC responsive mode proposal and a H2020-EU ITN-ETN application.


Characterising the interaction of coagulation and innate immunity in people being treated for bleeding disorder haemophilia A

This project will determine the mechanisms of this treatment on coagulation and immune system by in vitro tests and clinical samples.


A biosensor for the rapid detection of antibiotic resistant tuberculosis in nomadic African populations

This project will advance the development of a real time (15 min), portable, low cost, simple to use assay capable of diagnosing the disease in remote locations in Africa.