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Gaganpreet Singh

Gaganpreet Singh

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we want to ensure the welfare of our staff and students. Our staff won't be able to attend international exhibitions or events at this time but you can still get in touch.

Gaganpreet completed his MSc in Advanced Computer Science at Cardiff before going on to find a work placement in the UK.

Name: Gaganpreet Singh
Country: India
Course: MSc Advanced Computer Science
Current role: Software specialist at Secure System Innovative

After successful completion of his MSc taught programme, Gaganpreet faced many challenges to secure a placement as an international student, because he found that many companies hesitated to hire him as an international student. But consistently trying and having a non-giving up attitude, even after losing hope, helped Gaganpreet to finally secure a placement.

His advice for non-EU students is as follows:

  • Create a CV emphasising your previous experience or projects, relating to the job’s professional requirements. For example, an IT student should create a CV focusing on the projects worked on and languages used, demonstrating clear and crisp understanding
  • Try to contact HR, or any responsible person within an organisation, directly through email or phone call – this info can be found on the company website or LinkedIn. Timing of your call/email matters a lot, contact the company in the morning, when employees are active on their emails and more likely to make a spontaneous reply
  • Use the Careers and Employability JobsBoard - it helps students to interact with companies who are willing to take students for internships or placements. Go to the ‘Your career’ section on the Intranet, and login to your ‘Careers Account’ to discover the opportunities available
  • Attend any ‘Placement Sessions’ or employer events run in your School and on campus, to network with companies. Do not hesitate to talk directly to the employers about your background, work experience and knowledge etc. The more you talk, the more confidence you gain. Networking with employers is also important to gain industry knowledge, as this could help you create new ways of working and potentially secure a job
  • Stay in touch with your Schools Placement Office (if your School has one) and the Careers and Employability team to get help and guidance, as they are really good in providing ways that can help you find a desirable job.

Consistency plays an important role for challenges you may face in life and finding a job in a competitive world is one of the greatest challenges - so you should not give up, even after facing failures!