Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Teaching, learning and assessment

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Our programmes employ several teaching methods, all chosen to deliver the tuition you need in the best possible way.


Engineering lecture

Lectures allow you to gain a comprehensive base of knowledge. Lecturers make use of a range of resources and facilities to provide the information you need.

During lectures you will be given written material (handouts), information about exams and essays, and multi-media presentations. You may even find that you are invited to give your own presentation.


These are smaller discussion groups of three to ten students, led by tutors. This is an ideal time to discuss any questions after lectures, and an opportunity to fully understand the subjects you are studying.


You can arrange to meet any tutor to discuss any aspect of the course. For example, if there is something you did not understand in a lecture or seminar, or if you want to discuss the progress of your project or essay - or any other topic you want to talk about.

All students are encouraged to speak individually to their tutors if they have any questions or problems; your tutor will always be pleased to see you and happy to help.

Staff/student panel

Every department has a staff/student panel which consists of teaching staff and elected student members who meet to discuss academic issues. Any issues that you feel need attention can be alerted to your student representative who will raise the query with the panel.

This way the opinions and ideas of students get a hearing, which can lead to changes in the way your course is run. This means that each course is constantly being reviewed to make it the best scheme of study available for students.


A variety of assessment methods are used including written essays, reports, presentations, project work and final examinations. All written tasks are word processed and normally submitted electronically.

You will be awarded a score out of 100 for each module:

  • 40% and above - Pass
  • 50% and above - Merit
  • 65% and above - Distinction


Attendance and participation in all classes, lectures, and tutorials are compulsory and essential for academic success. Please note that due to immigration rules, we are required to keep records of attendance.