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Gwleidyddiaeth, y bleidlais a'r mudiad llafur

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Woman's Dreadnought

Published sources

Radical and reforming periodicals for and by women, 1872-1927 (microfilm)

Microfilmed from originals in the British Library. Humanities microfilm 467

From the series: Social and Political Status of Women in Britain

Reels 1-3: Church League for women's suffrage/Church militant, 1912-1928
Reel 4: Conservative and unionist women's franchise review, 1910-1915
Reel 5: Free church suffrage times / The Coming day, 1913-1920; The Independent suffragette, 1916-1917
Reels 6-7: Shafts, 1892-1899
Reel 7: The Suffragist, 1909; Woman, 1887
Reel 8: Woman: a weekly journal embodying female interests / Social review, 1872
Reel 9: Woman's opinion, 1874
Reels 9-10: Women's franchise, 1907-1911
Reel 11: Women's gazette and weekly news (official organ of the Women's Liberal Federation), 1888- 1889
Reels 12-15: The Woman's signal, 1894-1899
Reel 16: Woman's signal budget, 1894-1895; The Women's tribune, 1906; Women and progress, 1906-1907
Reel 17: The Woman worker, 1926-1927; Women and work, 1874-1876; Women folk, 1909; Women's suffrage, 1907


British Labour Party papers on women’s issues, 1960-1974 (microfilm)

Humanities microfilm 110

From the series: Labour history. Series 1. Parts 2 & 3

Papers from the British Labour Party’s Study Group on Discrimination against Women (Sep 1968-May 1970). Part of the microfilm series Labour History part 2, which records British Labour Party Research Department memoranda and information papers 1960-1970.

Labour History part 3 (1970-1974) includes a second draft of the final report, Mar 1972, a final report, May 1972, a redraft of chapter 7 on women and social security, Jul 1972, an amended final report, Aug 1972, and an addendum, Nov 1972.

Labour History part 3 also contains:

  • Resolutions referred to the Home Policy Committee by the National Conference of Labour Women, May 1971
  • Memoranda, ‘Girls and Women, Education and Training’ from the Science and Education Sub-Committee, Oct 1971 and Feb 1972
  • Memorandum ‘Education policy for a Secretary of State to improve the chances of girls and women, by Margherita Rendel, Science and Education Sub-Committee, Mar 1973
  • Resolutions carried at 1974 National Conference of Labour Women, Home Policy Committee, Jun 1974
  • Resolutions received from the Scottish Labour Women’s Annual Conference, Regional and Local Government Sub-Committee, Jun 1974
  • White Paper on Equality for Women, 1974
  • Information paper, ‘A few notes on abortion’, 1974

Marion Phillips M.P. and Ellen Wilkinson M.P., 1881-1947 (microfilm)

Humanities microfilm 9

From the series: Archives of the British Labour Party general correspondence. Part 9 Sec. B, The Marion Phillips papers and Ellen Wilkinson scrapbook

Documents from the British Labour Party Archive, from 1873-1973. The papers of Marion Phillips (1881-1932), and the scrapbook of Ellen Wilkinson (1891-1947). Both women were Labour Party politicians and Members of Parliament.

Women’s Labour League, 1906-1918 (microfilm)

Humanities microfilm 9

From the series: Archives of the British Labour Party. [Part 4], The Women's Labour League 1906-1918

Documents from the British Labour Party Archive, from 1873-1973. Included are correspondence, minutes and records of the early Women’s Labour League 1906-1918.

Sylvia Pankhurst’s journals, 1914-1950s (microfilm)

Suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst’s three journals are held on microfilm: Woman’s Dreadnought (1914-1917) Mic.B.009, Worker’s Dreadnought (1917-192?)] Mic.B.010, and New Times and Ethiopia News (1936-195?) Mic.B.007.

Diary of Beatrice Webb, 1873-1943 (microfiche)

Humanities microfiche Mic.C.041

Martha Beatrice Webb, 1858-1943 was an English sociologist, economist, socialist and social reformer. Along with her husband Sidney Webb and numerous others, she co-founded the London School of Economics and Political Science and played a crucial role in the forming of the Fabian Society.

Only extracts from her diary have ever been published before. This microfiche edition reproduces the complete text in two forms: the original manuscript written in 57 exercise books, and a later typescript. The diaries provide much insight into British intellectual and political life at this time, and also reveals much about the complex personality of Beatrice Webb herself.

Newport Labour Party records, 1912-1977 (microfilm)

Humanities microfilm 374

Includes Malpas Ward Women’s section minutes, 1957-1960; St Julian’s Section of the Newport Labour Women Committee Minutes, 1954-1957; Women’s Central Committee Financial Statement, 1967-1968