Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Llawlyfrau ymddygiad, moesau a chyngor

Conduct manual


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Astell, Mary. An essay in defence of the female sex: In which are inserted the characters of a pedant, a squire, a beau, a vertuoso, a poetaster, a city-critick, &c.: In a letter to a lady. London: Printed for A. Roper and E. Wilkinson at the Black Boy, and R. Clavel at the Peacock, in Fleetstreet, 1696. Cardiff Rare Books: Early English Octavo. HQ1201.A8

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Llyfrau a chanllawiau cyngor menywod, 1615-1747

Wedi'i microffilmio o'r gwreiddiol a gedwir yn Llyfrgell Bodleian, Rhydychen. Microffilm y Dyniaethau 50

O'r gyfres: Menywod yn cynghori menywod. Rhan 2, llyfrau, canllawiau, almanaciau a chyfnodolion cyngor c.1625-1837 o Lyfrgell Bodleian, Rhydychen.

Yn cynnwys pamffledi a thraethodynnau amrywiol yn gysylltiedig â menywod:

33 eitem, 1615-1683:
(1) A Discourse of Marriage and Wiving. 1615.
(2) Hollands Leaguer: or, An Historical Discourse of the Life and Actions of Dona Britanica Hollandia the Arch-Mistris of the wicked women of Eutopia. 1632.
(3) The Arraignment of Lewd, Idle, Froward [sic], and Unconstant Women. 1637.
(4) The Taming of a Shrew: Or, The only way to make a Bad Wife Good. n.d.
(5) A Discoverie of six Women Preachers. 1641.
(6) St Hillaries Teares Shed upon all Professions. 1642.
(7) The Virgins Complaint for the losse of their Sweet-Hearts, by these present wars. 1642
(8) The Mid-Wives just Petition. 1643.
(9) The Parliament of Ladies. 1647.
(10) The Ladies, A Second Time, Assembled in Parliament. 1647.
(11) Match me these two; Or the Conviction and Arraignment of Britannicus and Lilburne, with an Answer to the Pamphlet, entitled, The Parliament of Ladies. 1647.
(12) The City-Dames Petition. 1647.
(13) The Cuckoo's Nest at Westminster, or the Parlement between the two Lady-Birds. 1648.
(14) A Dialogue between Mistris Macquerella, a Suburb Bawd, Ms Scolopendra, a noted Curtezan, and Mr Pimpinello an Usher &c. 1650.
(15) Newes from the New Exchange or the Commonwealth of Ladies. 1650.
(16) Alimony Arraign'd. 1654.
(17) Now or Never: Or, A New Parliament of Women Assembled. 1656.
(18) The Trepan, being a true Relation, full of stupendious variety, of the strange practises of Mehetabel the wife of Edward Jones, and Elizabeth wife of Lieutenant John Pigeon. 1656.
(19) The Ladies Remonstrance: or a Declaration of the Waiting-Gentlewomen, Chamber-Maids, and Servant Maids, of the city of London, and within the Loyns of Copulation; To all Gentlemen, London - Apprentices, and others whom it may concern. 1659.
(20) A Declaration of the Maids of the city of London. 1659.
(21) The Fifth and last part of the Wandring Whore: A dialogue. 1661.
(22) The Womans-Champion. 1662.
(23) The Lawyer's Clarke Trappan'd by the Crafty Whore of Cantobury. 1663.
(24) A True Account of the Tryal of Mrs Mary Carlton. 1663.
(25) The Replication of certain Vindicatory Depositions. 1663.
(26) The Married Mens Feast. 1671.
(27) The Character of a Town Misse. 1675.
(28) The Town-Misses Declaration and Apology. 1675.
(29) A Letter of Advice concerning Marriage. 1676.
(31) Warning for Servants: And a caution to Protestants. Or, the Case of Margret Clark, Lately Executed for Firing her Master's House in Southwark. 1680.
(32) Antigamus or A Satyr against Marriage. 1694.
(33) Triumphs of Female wit. 1683.

8 eitem, 1732-1733:
(5) Dirty Dogs for Dirty Puddings. Or, Memoirs of the Luscious Amours of the Several Persons of both sexes of Quality & Distinction. 1732
(6) The Commodity Excused: Or, The Women in Uproar. A New Ballad Opera. 1733.
(7) The Friendly writer and Register of Truth. 1732.
(8) The Ladies Delight. 1732.
(9) The Bee: or, Universal Weekly Pamphlet. Number II. 1733.
(10) Memoirs of the Life of a Norfolk Lady, Related to a certain Great Man of that County. 1733.
(11) The Whole of the Proceedings in the Arches-Court of Canterbury, ln the Cause between the Hon Mrs Catherine Weld, Daughter to the Lord Aston and Edward Weld Esquire, Her Husband. Containing, I Her Libel exhibited against him for Impotency; II Her Answer and Replication