The Centre for Political and Legal Analytics

The Centre for Political and Legal Analytics (CPLA) serves as the School of Law and Politics's hub for sharing knowledge about quantitative data analytics.

We undertake research on political and legal questions using quantitative data, including big data sources. This research builds on existing strengths in the School of Law and Politics, which include the study of:

  • law and society
  • global justice
  • human rights
  • electoral politics
  • cybersecurity
  • global politics
  • legislative politics and institutions.

Our research draws on a variety of quantitative and mixed methods, with a particular focus on leveraging the use of new, previously untapped data sources.

We seek to develop connections and collaborations with similar Centres across the UK and internationally.


Our research aims to make contributions to the study of Politics/Political Science, International Relations and Law more generally, with a particular emphasis on leveraging quantitative data sources. This should generate generalizable findings that advance research in the respective fields and help further the use of quantitative data and methods in the study of law and politics.


Professor René Lindstädt

Yr Athro René Lindstädt

Head of School

+44 (0)29 2087 4026

We are planning to host our first conference on data analytics in law and politics in the 2018/19 academic year.