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Christian Perspectives on Death and Dying

This project provides opportunities for Christians from a wide range of backgrounds and denominations to explore issues around death and dying.

Working with existing networks and supporting the development of new ones, this project is focused around six conferences to be held across the UK in 2016-2017.

Debate and engagement at each conference will inform the development of a set of resources to support Christian ambassadors to run related future events.

This project is co-ordinated by Julie Latchem working with Professor Jenny Kitzinger at Cardiff University, together with colleagues and external partners.

Conference information

The following conference dates have been confirmed:

  • Saturday 5 November 2016, Gloucester
  • Wednesday 16 November 2016, Cardiff
  • Saturday 28 January 2017, London
  • Saturday 11 February 2017, Frome

Talks and discussions at each event will include Christian reflections on the ethics, law and practice around:

  • Withholding and withdrawing life-extending treatment
  • Advance decisions to refuse treatment
  • Assisted dying


'Death and Dying: Exploring Christian perspectives' (PI, Paristamen CIO charity award, 20K, July 2016-June 2017)


Upcoming conference - 1 July

Our next conference is in York on the 1 July.

Join us at York Medical Society for this ecumenical gathering for a day of conversation, reflection and discussion.

Book tickets and find out more.

In the autumn we will also be holding an event in London to launch the resource built from the conferences. This resource pack will include recorded talks, powerpoints, and reading lists to help support further work.

Past conferences

Conferences were held in Gloucester and in Cardiff in November 2016, and then in London (Jan 107), Frome (Feb 2017) and Oxford (April 2017).

Each event included Christian reflections on the ethics, law and practice around:

  • withholding and withdrawing life-extending treatment
  • advance decisions to refuse treatment
  • assisted dying.

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Project co-ordinators

Professor Jenny Kitzinger

Yr Athro Jenny Kitzinger

Cyfarwyddwr Ymchwil: Effaith ac Ymgysylltu, Cyd-gyfarwyddwr y Ganolfan Ymchwil Caerdydd-Efrog ynghylch Anhwylderau Ymwybyddiaeth Cronig


This research was made possible through the support of the following organisations: