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MRI Scanner

At the heart of EMRIC is a high performance 9.4 Tesla (400MHz) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) system, using a high field ultra shielded and refrigerated magnet supplied by Bruker.

The MRI facility is available to all Cardiff University research staff. Users external to the University are welcome via prior appointment.

Brand/model Bruker MRI Scanner
Manylion 9.4 Tesla small bore MRI system and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) system.
Cyfleuster Experimental MRI Centre (EMRIC)
Ysgol Biosciences

With multi channel and multi frequency electronics and a variety of RF resonators and surface coils, a range of non-invasive and non-destructive applications are provided for biomedicine, pharmacology and material research. The magnet has a bore size of 210mm. The primary use of the facility centres on biomedical research applications involving in vivo imaging in small rodents. However, the versatility of the facility ensures there are imaging applications for material and plant science, and some industrial processes. Sensitivity to the signal produced by specimens can be increased by the use of a surface coil. The system has a narrowband 1KW amplifier for 1H MRI and MRS, and a broadband 1KW amplifier for obtaining spectra from other nuclei such as 31P and 19F.

The MRI facility is available to all Cardiff University research staff. Users external to the University are welcome via prior appointment.

Initial enquiries should be made by email to: emric@cardiff.ac.uk.

Following initial contact a meeting will be setup to discuss the proposed nature of the work, resources, timing, safety, and costs in detail. This is designed to obtain a full understanding of the users’ requirements, technical requirements, and methods for acheiving the aims of the proposed study.

For all new users – sessions can be booked following the initial contact and the required safety and ethics have been approved.

Book a time slot

Please contact EMRIC to book a time slot.

Please provide your full contact details (name, email and telephone number) and the time slot requested.

To ensure all needs are met a synopsis of the proposed imaging study and subject numbers are also required at this time.

Please make all efforts to keep to your allotted time.


If you wish to cancel your time slot please do so at least 24 hours in advance.

External users

Commercial users are encouraged to contact EMRIC staff via emric@cardiff.ac.uk.

The unit provides a flexible non-human research system, with full technical support, for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.

Depending on the information required, body part, level of detail, and the technique used, imaging times can vary from just a few minutes up to 90 minutes. Average image time will 5-30 minutes pre scan. Preparation time of subjects will be 10-15 minutes.

Before entry is permitted to the MRI suite all unit staff or authorised personnel must have read carefully and completed an occupational health MRI unit screening form. Contact occupational health ext. 74810 for more details.

To arrange a health and safety appraisal for the MRI unit contact occupational health on ex. 74810. For any further enquires on general MRI safety contact Bill Edwards on ex. 75136.

Safety of the equipment

Unlike CT and traditional X-rays scans that use ionising radiation, MRI scans do not, therefore essentially it is safe to use. There are no documented general health problems or side effects associated with exposure to a strong magnetic field of this type.

A stringent screening process is carried out for all users, to ensure there are no biomechanical devices or metallic objects within or about a body that may be affected by the magnet.

High magnetic fields may cause certain medical devices and applications to malfunction, and any metallic particles in the body to move or become hot, causing injury.

The MRI suite consists of 2 areas:-

Outer controlled area

The outer controlled area consists of a main preparation area and computer operation area. This outer controlled area will not experience magnetic fields greater than the general safety limit of 5 Gauss.

All users should:

complete an occupational health MRI unit screening form prior to going into this area
read this document on MRI Safety at Cardiff prior to commencement of any work, MRI local rules summary (Word, 118Kb).

Inner controlled area

The inner controlled area can only be accessed via the outer control area.

Access to this inner area is restricted to authorised personnel who have received the correct training. Within this inner area magnetic fields strength exceeds 30 Gauss. At this level of magnetic force, ferrous metallic objects become dangerous projectiles.

Further screening and safety checks will be carried out for people entering the inner controlled area to ensure that any metallic objects (such as keys, hair clips, swipe cards, mobile phones, jewellery, etc) have been removed.

The checklist of objects to be removed before entering the inner controlled area can be seen on the MRI unit screening form (Word, 37Kb).

In addition to items on or within a body, no additional unauthorized equipment from outside the suite (i.e. cages, trolleys, etc) will be allowed into the MRI suite without prior approval. In particular no surgical equipment will be allowed into the MRI suite. A range of MRI compatible surgical tools will be made available for users.


Research users should ensure that all aspects of their work using the MRI facility meet the requirements set by the Home Office. You must ensure, whether applying for a new licence or amending an existing one, that the technique of MRI scanning is included on your project and personal licence.

A copy of up-to-date project and personal licences will be required from each user of the facility before any work can be carried out (including any preliminary or pilot scans). Use of the facility will not be permitted if this information is unavailable or unsatisfactory.

For any further information on procedures or legislation regarding the use of MRI for research contact Peter Hunt on ex 74886.



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