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Yr Athro Martin A Kayman

Yr Athro Martin A Kayman


+44 (0)29 2087 6581
2.08, John Percival Building, Colum Drive, Cathays, Cardiff


My focus lies in the English Literature and Critical and Cultural Theory areas of the School.

Additional publications

Law and Literature

‘The Law and the Statuesque’, Law and Critique, 24. 1 (2013): 1-22.

‘The Bill of Rights: “Icons” of Liberty and Law in the Early Twenty-first Century.’ Law and Humanities. 5. 2 (December 2011): 523-48.

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Crime Fiction

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English in the World

‘The Lingua Franca of Globalisation: “Filius Nullius in Terra Nullius”, as we say in English.' Nordic Journal of English Studies. 8. 3 (2009): 87-115.

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A Survey of English Studies in Europe at the Turn of the Century.’ [PDF 80 KB] European English Messenger. 14. 1 (2005): 15-30. (Report on a survey conducted with the assistance of Filomena Mesquita for the European Society for the Study of English and the British Council.)

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On Difference and Difficulty: Theorizing English in Europe.’ European Journal of English Studies. 1. 1 (1997): 10-32.


I took both my undergraduate degree and my PhD at the University of York. Following a long period working at Coimbra University, Portugal, where I was Director of the Institute for English Studies and chair of the Department of Anglo-American Studies, I moved to Cardiff in 2000.

I am currently one of the three general editors of The European Journal of English Studies. Previously, I was, from 1998 to 2003, the editor of The European English Messenger, the newsletter of the European Society for the Study of English. In 2005, on behalf of the European Society for the Study of English and the British Council, I completed a Survey of English Studies in Europe.








  • Kayman, M. A. 2012. "Iconic" Texts of Law and Religion: A Tale of Two Decalogues. In: Dahlberg, L. ed. Visualizing Law and Authority: Essays on Legal Aesthetics. Law & Literature Vol. 4. Berlin: De Gruyter, pp. 13-22.
  • Kayman, M. A. 2012. "Frank and free": Global English and English Values. Presented at: 6th International IDEA Conference, Istanbul Kültür University, Istanbul, Turkey, 13-15 April 2011 Presented at Hart, P. ed.Studies in English: Proceedings from the sixth International IDEA Conference. Istanbul: Istanbul Kültür University pp. 5-22.















With a background in Ezra Pound, science and literature and the politics of Modernism, my research is currently focused in two areas. 

My interests in ˜law-and-literature™ embraces issues of fictionality, writing and authority at a theoretical level, along with a particular attention to how such issues are articulated during the crucial period of the eighteenth century, as well as to how they are dealt with in narratives of crime in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 

My second major area of research interest concerns both theoretical and historical issues in the cultural politics of English and, particularly, English Studies in Europe.

I am presently working on a study of the postmodern authority of the ˜corpus in law, literature and theory, and on the historical and theoretical relations between law and literature in the eighteenth century - while continuing to explore issues relating to what might characterise ˜European™ English Studies.

Research interests

  • law and literature
  • eighteenth-century culture
  • crime fiction
  • the culture of police
  • the cultural politics of English
  • globalisation

Postgraduate students

I would welcome applications from prospective research students with interests in literary and cultural history and theory, particularly in the politics of English in the world, eighteenth-century culture, nineteenth-century detective fiction, fin-de-siècle science & pre-Freudian psychology, and all aspects of 'law-and-literature'.

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