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Yr Athro Richard Gwyn

Yr Athro Richard Gwyn


Ysgol Saesneg, Cyfathrebu ac Athroniaeth

+44 (0)29 2087 4887
1.10, Adeilad John Percival , Rhodfa Colum, Caerdydd, CF10 3EU


I am part of the English Literature and Creative Writing sections of the School.

More information is available from richardgwyn.com.

Additional publications (since 2010


Sad Giraffe Café. 2010. Prose Poetry. Todmorden: Arc.

The Pterodactyl´s Wing: An Anthology of Welsh World Poetry. Edited Volume, with Introduction.2003. Cardigan: Parthian.

Being in Water, 2001. Poetry. Cardiff: Parthian Books.

Walking on Bones, 2000. Prose Poetry. Cardiff: Parthian Books.

Non fiction

The Vagabond’s Breakfast, 2011. Talybont: Alcemi.


Deep Hanging Out, 2007. London: Snowbooks.

The Colour of a Dog Running Away, 2005.Cardigan: Parthian / New York: Doubleday.

Discourse studies

Discourse, the Body and Identity, 2003. Edited, with J. Coupland. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Communicating Health and Illness, 2002. London: Sage.

Books in overseas editions

El desayuno del vagabundo, 2014.Spanish edition of The Vagabond’s Breakfast.Santiago de Chile/Buenos Aires: LOM/Bajo La Luna.

Abrir una caja, 2013.(Poems, selected and translated into Spanish by Jorge Fondebrider). Buenos Aires: Gog y Magog.

Macedonian translation of The Colour of a Dog Running Away. Skopje: Blesok. ISBN9789989595417

Chinese edition, 2012. The Colour of a Dog Running Away. Beijing: New Star Press.

Russian Edition, 2008. The Colour of a Dog Running Away. Moscow: AST.

Cor de burro quando foge, 2008. Portuguese Edition of The Colour of a Dog Running Away. Lisbon: Bertrand.

Color cane che fugge, 2007. Italian Edition of The Colour of a Dog Running Away, Vicenza: Neri Pozza.

Mujer en la noche, 2006.Spanish Edition of The Colour of a Dog Running Away, Barcelona: Roca.

Book chapters, articles, essays and poems

‘An Invisible Procession: How Reading Cavafy Changed my Life’, 2013. Essay in Poetry Review, pp 59-64. Vol 103: 3.

‘Night Rower’, 2013. Prose poem sequence, in Poetry Wales, Vol 49: 2. pp 50-51.

‘Cómo me convertí en traductor’ [How I became a translator’], 2013. Essay: In Fondebrider, Jorge (Ed.)Poetas que traducen poesía, Santiago de Chile: Bajo la luna/LOM.

‘Cities and Memories’ & ‘Only the Journey’, 2013. Poems in Poetry Review, vol 103: 2. p 39.

‘City of Marvels’, 2012. Poem in The Best of Barcelona Ink: the city’s writing. pp 11-13.

De Pynchon a Amis, toda una generación borgeana’ 2011. Essay in Clarín for 25th anniversary of death of J.L. Borges, published 14 June 2011.

‘Montaigne and the Acceptance of Uncertainty.’ 2011. Essay in New Welsh Review 93, pp 46-52.

‘More about Salt’; ‘Spartans’ and ‘The Past, Again.’ 2011. In J. Monson (ed.) This Line is Not for Turning: An anthology of contemporary British prose poetry, pp 17-19. Blaenau Ffestiniog: Cinnamon Press.

‘Book of a lifetime’: Fictions by J.L. Borges. 2011. Article in The Independent, 29 April 2011.

‘Enigmas of the night: Reflections on Latin American Poetry, Part 2.’ 2011. Essay in Poetry Wales Vol 47 No 1 pp 9-13.

‘The green whale of summer: Reflections on Latin American Poetry, Part 1.’ 2010. Essay in Poetry WalesVol 46 No 3 pp 30-35.

‘Insomnia’. 2010. Essay. The Reader no. 37. pp 12-22.

The many disappearances of Roberto Bolaño.’ 2010. Paper given for Crime Narratives in Context (CNIC) series.

‘The Handless Maiden’, 2010. Short story, in Sing Sorrow Sorrow: Dark and Chilling Tales. (edited by Gwen Davies). pp 59-70. Bridgend: Seren.

‘Sicilian Lock-Up’. 2009. Creative non-fiction. New Welsh Review 84:51-58.

‘Sexual Water: Poetry, Dionysus and the Aquatic Ape.’ (2008). Essay. The Body and the Book: Writings on Poetry & Sexuality. pp 11-24. New York: Rodopi. ISBN 9789042024229.

‘Einkorn, Spelt and Emmer’; ‘La Vendange’; ‘Modes of Travel’; ‘New Year’s Journey’. (2007) In Stephens, M. (ed)., Poetry 1900-2000: One Hundred Poets from Wales pp 755-760. Cardigan: The Library of Wales.

10 Books in which Things End Badly’. Guardian Unlimited 1 March, 2007.

‘A Boat Trip’, 2006. Short fiction extract. New Welsh Review 74: 55-60.

‘Letter from Greece’, 2005. In Poetry Wales: Forty Years On. pp 253-9.Bridgend: Seren.

Review Article: ‘Pablo Neruda: A Passion for Life’ by Adam Feinstein. 2005. London: Bloomsbury. Poetry Wales 40(4) 56-60.

‘Buenos Aires Diary.’ Creative non-fiction. 2005. New Welsh Review 69: 28-33.

‘We move about the rooftops.’ 2005. Fiction extract. New Welsh Review 67, 2005: 54-60. ISSN 09542116.

‘Narrative Analysis and Illness Experience’. 2003. In A. Rogers, (Ed). Communication, Relationships and Care pp 139-47. London: Routledge.

‘A Preface in Fragments’, 2003. In The Pterodactyl´s Wing: Welsh World Poetry pp xix-xxxii. Cardigan: Parthian Books.

‘Processes of re-figuration: shifting identities in cancer narratives’. 2003. In J. Coupland and R. Gwyn (eds) Discourse, the Body and Identity pp 209-224. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

‘Introduction’ , 2003. J. Coupland and R. Gwyn (eds) Discourse, the Body and Identity. pp 209-224.London: Palgrave Macmillan.

‘The problematic of decision-sharing: Deconstructing ‘cholesterol’ in a clinical encounter’, 2003. With Elwyn, G., Edwards, A., and Mooney, A. Health Expectations 6(3): 242-254.

'Really unreal: narrative evaluation and the objectification of experience’, 2001. Narrative Inquiry 10 (2) pp. 313-40.

‘Lifting the Virgin’. In The Best of The Prose Poem, 2000. p 96. Buffalo, NY: White Pine Press.


‘Lost Luggage’ by Jordi Punti., London: Short Books. In The Independent, 3 September, 2013.

‘Omnesia’ by WN Herbert and ‘Horse Music’ by Matthew Sweeney. In Poetry Wales vol 49 no. 1, pp 65-7.

‘Ways of Going Home’ by Alejandro Zambra, London: Granta. In The Independent, 29 January 2013.

‘The sound of things falling’ by Juan Gabriel Vásquez, London: Bloomsbury. In The Independent, 1 December 2012.

‘Traveller of the Century’ by Andrés Neuman, London: Pushkin Press. In The Independent, 20 April 2012.

‘The Third Reich’ by Roberto Bolaño, London: Picador. In The Independent, 1 March 2012.

‘The Last Hundred Days’ by Patrick McGuinness, Bridgend: Seren. In The Independent, 8 September 2012.

‘While the Women are Sleeping’ by Javier Marías, London: Chatto and Windus. In The Independent, 3 December 2010.















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Postgraduate students

I will consider applications from students wishing to carry out research in creative writing, specializing in prose fiction, non-fiction or poetry. I especially welcome innovative proposals that overlap with my own research interests.

Research interests

  • Creative nonfiction (especially relating to travel and illness)
  • the prose poem
  • translation theory and practice 
  • comparative literature(s)
  •  contemporary Hispanic American literature (especially poetry)


I currently supervise or co-supervise seven PhD students in Creative and Critical Writing.

I am interested in supervising PhD students in the areas of:

  • Narrative nonfiction
  • Short fiction
  • The prose poem
  • Comparative literature
  • Borges and Hispanic American literature
  • Translation studies