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Dr Richard Gray BSc (Open), MPhil (Cantab), PhD (Edin)

Dr Richard Gray

BSc (Open), MPhil (Cantab), PhD (Edin)

Senior Lecturer

+44 (0)29 2087 5416
1.33, Adeilad John Percival , Rhodfa Colum, Caerdydd, CF10 3EU


I am part of the School's Philosophy group.

Additional publications

Gray, R. (forthcoming) ‘On the contrast in contrast cases’, in Phenomenal Presence, (eds) F. Dorsch, M. Nida-Rumelin & F. Macpherson, Oxford: OUP.

Gray, R. (forthcoming) ‘Imagination and Embodiment’, in Aesthetics and the Embodied Mind: Beyond Art Theory and the Cartesian Mind-Body Dichotomy, (ed.) A. Scarinzi, Springer.

Gray, R. (2012) What do our Experiences of Heat and Cold Represent? Philosophical Studies 2012. DOI: 10.1007/s11098-012-0083-5

Gray, R. (2012) Is There a Space of Sensory Modalities? Erkenntnis 2012. DOI: 10.1007/s10670-012-9409-0

Gray, R (2011) ‘On the nature of the senses’ in The Senses: Classical and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives, (ed.) F. Macpherson, Oxford: OUP.

Gray, R. (2010) ‘An argument for non-reductive representationalism’, American Philosophical Quarterly, vol. 47.

Gray, R (2010) ‘Perception and action: the taste test’, (with Alessandra Tanesini), The Philosophical Quarterly, vol. 60.

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Gray, R. (2004) ‘What synaesthesia really tells us about functionalism’, Journal of Consciousness Studies, vol. 11.

Gray, R. (2003)  ‘Tye’s representationalism: Feeling the heat? Philosophical Studies, vol. 115.

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Gray, R. (2001)  ‘Cognitive modules, synaesthesia and the constitution of psychological natural kinds’, Philosophical Psychology, vol. 14.


Richard Gray came to Cardiff in 2004. From 2000-4 he was a lecturer in philosophy at Trinity College Dublin. Prior to that he was at the University of Edinburgh, where he completed his PhD, having previously studied at the University of Cambridge.








  • Gray, R. 2011. On the nature of the senses. In: Macpherson, F. ed. The Senses: Classic and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 243-260.








Current Undergraduate teaching

  • Philosophy of Language
  • Topics in Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Contemporary Epistemology

Current Postgraduate teaching

  • Philosophy of Mind Epistemology

Much time and effort has been expended on philosophical questions related to vision, visual perception and visual experience. The assumption has tended to be that what goes for vision can be straightforwardly applied to the other senses. 

Much of my work has focused on other senses and sensory processes which have received little attention in the philosophical literature. My PhD thesis, and a number of published papers drawn from it, focused on synaesthesia. 

I have also written papers on heat perception, which, so I have argued, can shed light on the nature of perceptual experience. In a recent paper co-authored with Alessandra Tanesini, we have looked at the distinctive nature of taste perception in the context of enactive accounts of perception. All of these have been used to motivate a more general account of the senses.

Research interests

  • Philosophy of perception
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Philosophy of language