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Dr Andrew Edgar BA (Lancaster) MA DPhil (Sussex)

Dr Andrew Edgar

BA (Lancaster) MA DPhil (Sussex)


Ysgol Saesneg, Cyfathrebu ac Athroniaeth

1.34, Adeilad John Percival , Rhodfa Colum, Caerdydd, CF10 3EU
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I am part of the School's Philosophy group.

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At Masters level, Dr Edgar teaches courses on medical meta-ethics and the political philosophy of medicine, and a course on Hume.

He is also currently chair of the Philosophy and History of Ideas examination boards.













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His research interests cover twentieth century German philosophy and applied philosophy. His doctoral studies concerned Adorno's aesthetics and sociology of culture, and he has continued to publish work on Adorno (and especially Adorno's musicology). 

He has now turned his attention to the later generation of Frankfurt thinkers, and is writing a monograph on Jürgen Habermas. In addition to this interest in German philosophy, he has, during his time at Cardiff, been involved in a number of European Commission funded research projects, that have looked as various problems in the field of bioethics. 

The issues covered have included the role of health related quality of life measures in the allocation of health care; the virtues of the chronically ill; and currently the nature of dignity in the treatment of the elderly. He also has an active interest in the philosophy of sport.

Research interests

  • Medical Ethics
  • Philosophy of Sport
  • German Critical Theory
  • Sociology and Aesthetics of Music