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Yr Athro Erminia Calabrese

Yr Athro Erminia Calabrese

STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow

Ysgol Ffiseg a Seryddiaeth

+44 (0)29 2087 5031
N/0.27, Adeiladau'r Frenhines, 5 The Parade, Heol Casnewydd, Caerdydd, CF24 3AA


I am a cosmologist using observations of the relic light from the Big Bang, the cosmic microwave background (CMB), to constrain the properties of the Universe. 

Here at Cardiff, I am an STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow and Lecturer working between the Astronomy & Astrophysics and the Astonomy Instrumentation groups. 



Career Overview

  • 2017-date    STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow and Lecturer - Cardiff University (UK)
  • 2016-17       STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow - University of Oxford (UK)
  • 2015-16       Lyman Spitzer Jr. Fellow - Princeton University (USA)
  • 2014-15       Beecroft Fellow - University of Oxford (UK)
  • 2011-14       PDRA in astrophysics and cosmology - University of Oxford (UK) 

College Positions

  • 2013-17       Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford (UK)
  • 2011-17       Research Member at the Exeter College, Oxford (UK)


  • 2008-11     PhD  in Astronomy - Sapienza, Universita` di Roma (Ita)
  • 2006-08     Master  (MSc) in Astronomy and Astrophysics - Sapienza, Universita` di Roma (Ita)
  • 2003-06     Bachelor  (BSc) in Physics and Astrophysics - Sapienza, Universita` di Roma (Ita) 


  • 2016    STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship
  • 2012    Junior Research Fellowship (non-stipendiary), Wolfson College, Oxford
  • 2011    Tito Maiani prize for thesis in physics

Professional services

  • Refereeing
    • Reviewer for PRD, PRL, JCAP, ApJ, MNRAS, A&A

  • Speaking Engagement
    • I get regular invitations to give seminars, colloquia and conference/workshop talks. Over the last 7 years I have spoken at Florence, Louvain, Kings College London, Leiden, EPFL-Lausanne, UCL-London, Liverpool, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Sussex, Cambridge, Queen Mary-London, Crete, Oxford, Imperial College-London, Durham, Manchester, Amsterdam, Bielefeld, Heidelberg, SISSA-Trieste, and Bonn in Europe; and BNL/Brookhaven, Ann Arbor-Michigan, Cornell, IAS-Princeton, and Chicago in the USA.

  • Memberships of Scientific Societies
    • 2016-date     Member of the Cosmology and Astrophysics Network for Theoretical Advances and Training Actions (CANTATA) supported by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology
    • 2015-date     Member of the International Astronomical Union

  • Committees 
    • 2017        Co-organiser of the LiteBIRD:Europe meetings (Cardiff 2017, Paris 2017, Torino 2018) 
    • 2017        PhD admission committee, Oxford Astrophysics
    • 2016        Co-organizer (committee of 6 people) of Symposium on “CMB polarization foregrounds” at EWASS 2016, Athens, Greece
    • 2016        LOC member of the LSST DESC Collaboration meeting, Oxford
    • 2016        Co-organiser of the Astrophysics journal club, Oxford  
    • 2014        Co-organizer of the ACT Collaboration meeting, Oxford
    • 2012-13   Co-organiser of the cosmology seminars, Oxford
    • 2013        LOC member of the “Synergetic Science with Euclid and the Square Kilometre Array” workshop, Oxford

  • Outreach
    • 2017          Panel member at "The Universe: What Don't We Know", the Cheltenham Science Festival, UK
    • 2015-17     Interviews for Symmetry Magazine and New Scientist UK 
    • 2011-15     Stargazing Oxford
    • 2013          Royal Societry Summer Science Exhibition, London
















My research combines theoretical work with statistical data analysis to answer fundmantal questions about the Universe. I lead work on characterising multi-frequency CMB microwave data, on combining data from satellite and ground-based experiments, and on extracting the underlying primordial CMB signal carrying the imprint of the physics of the early Universe, leading to state-of-the-art constraints on neutrino physics, inflation, dark matter and dark energy physics.

I am a member of many CMB experiments: I am a long-standing science member of the Atacama Cosmology Telescope, a Scientist of the Planck mission, and a full member of the Simons Observatory for which I co-lead the "high-ell" science working group. I am an External Collaborator of the proposed, Japanese-led LiteBIRD mission for which I also serve as UK National coordinator and UK European Point of Contact.

I am also a full member of the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration, and a member of the Euclid Collaboration, looking at how to combine low-redshift data with the CMB.


I currently co-supervise Miss Christiane Lorenz at the University of Oxfrod in her PhD projects on constraining neutrino physics and dark energy with low- and high-redshift data.

During 2013-2017 I have served as Advisor for graduate students at Wolfson College, Oxford.