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Yr Athro Stanley Zammit

Yr Athro Stanley Zammit

Clinical Senior Lecturer

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+44(0) 29 2068 8435
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I hold a joint appointment as Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology across Cardiff University and the University of Bristol

My main research interest is studying the epidemiology of psychiatric disorders, especially psychosis. I am particularly interested in the following areas of research:

  1. The relationship between cannabis use and risk of developing psychotic disorders
  2. The genetic epidemiology of schizophrenia, including the study of gene-environment interactions
  3. The development and life course trajectory of psychotic experiences in the general population
  4. The role of modifiable cognitive processes in the aetiology of psychosis
  5. The role of psychological trauma on incidence of psychosis, and impact of trauma-focused interventions in treating and preventing psychosis

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1998: Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists


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I currently work with a number of different cohort studies. These include ALSPAC, a birth cohort study based in Bristol, UK, and a number of different Swedish cohorts through collaborations with colleagues at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

ALSPAC: We are studying risk factors for the development of non-clinical psychotic experiences during adolescence, and the developmental trajectory of these experiences through to clinical disorder during late adolescence and adulthood. We are examining a number of potential aetiological mechanisms, including genetic variation, cannabis and other substance use, neuro-cognition, social cognition, stressful events, and social, emotional and behavioural difficulties during development.

Swedish cohorts: We are currently focusing on two main areas of research. The first is examining to what extent variation in risk of schizophrenia is attributable to individual level, school level, or large area level characteristics using a multi-level modelling approach on data from the Swedish UGU database. The second is studying to what extent genetic variation for schizophrenia is shared with genetic variation for IQ, using bivariate genetic analayses within a twin sample.


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