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Yr Athro Peter Luxton

Emeritus Professor

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Peter Luxton has been a Professor of Law in Cardiff Law School, Cardiff University, since 2007. He had previously been Professor of Property Law at the University of Sheffield. He obtained his LLB from the University of Leicester, and his LLM and PhD from the University of London (UCL). He is also a member of the Law Society and a non-practising solicitor. He is an academic member of the Chancery Bar Association.

Peter’s research is mainly in the areas of charity law, trusts, and commercial property. A second edition of his book, The Law of Charities (2001), published by Oxford University Press, to be co-authored by Nicola Evans of the Westminster law firm, Bircham Dyson Bell, is currently in progress. Peter has spoken widely about the law of charities at conferences and seminars, particularly those held by the think tank, Politeia (a forum for social and economic thinking). Peter is a member of the Advisory Editorial Board of the Charity Law and Practice Review, and is the Commercial Property section editor of the Journal of Business Law.

Ymrwymiadau siarad cyhoeddus

July 2012 Public benefit and the Charities Act: clarifying the law Politeia, London
October 2011 Public benefit and fee-paying schools: the decision of the Upper Tribunal and its implications Public lecture for Charity Law and Policy Unit, University of Liverpool
March 2011 The Charities, Public Benefit and the 2006 Act: What changes will bring a smaller state and a bigger society? Politeia, London
January 2011 Charities, the Charity Commission and the Charities Act 2006: What changes are needed for the Big Society? Politeia, London
July 2010 Public benefit and the independent schools Public Benefit and the Charities Act 2006, Chancery Bar Association, Old Hall, Lincoln's Inn, London
June 2009 Who Makes Law: Parliament v The Charity Commission? Politeia, London
June 2009 Public benefit: the practicalities and issues ‘The future of the UK third sector – proving public benefit’, Westminster Legal Policy Forum, London
April 2009 Charity law and the role of the Charity Commission Politeia, London