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Dr Simon Wood

Dr Simon Wood


Yr Ysgol Mathemateg

+44 (0)29 2087 5312


Research Group

Geometry, Algebra, Mathematical Physics & Topology Research Group.

Research Interests

My research is mostly in algebra and mathematical physics. Specifically, the mathematics of 2 dimensional conformal quantum field theories and all their myriad connections to Lie theory, vertex operator algebras, representation theory, modular forms and modular tensor categories to name but a few.



02/2011 Doctor of Science, ETH, Zurich
03/2008 Masters in Physics, ETH, Zurich

Previous Positions:

2014 - 2016, PostDoc, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
2011 - 2013, PostDoc, Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo, Japan

Grants and awards:

2015, Discovery Project, Australian Research Council
2013, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, Australian Research Council
2011, JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers, Japan Society of the Promotion of Science
2010, SNSF Fellowship for Prospective Researchers; Swiss National Science Foundation














Current teaching:

Foundations of Mathematics I, 2017/18
Groups, 2017/18

Past teaching:

Foundations of Mathematics I, 2016/17

Honours course on Lie algebras and representation theory (2015/16, ANU)
Honours course on conformal field theory (2015, ANU)
Honours course on Lie algebras and representation theory (2014, ANU)

Conferences organised

  • 12/2017 LMS South West & South Wales Regional Meeting and Workshop: Algebraic Structures and Quantum Physics, Cardiff, UK
  • 12/2016 Yang-Baxter Equations: A Tangle of Physics and Mathematics, Cardiff, UK
  • 07/2015 The mathematics of conformal field theory, ANU, Canberra, Australia

Conference talks

  • 2017 "Affine vertex operator superalgebras at admissible levels", Representation Theory XIV, Dubrovnik
  • 2017 "What to expect from logarithmic conformal field theory", Operator algebras: subfactors and their applications, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge; Quantum Field Theory: Concepts, Constructions & Curved Spacetimes, York
  • 2017 "Yang-Baxter equations and the symmetric groups", Melbourne
  • 2017 "Fusion by hand: The NGK algorithm", Tensor Categories and Field Theory, Melbourne
  • 2017 "Module classification in conformal field theory through symmetric polynomials", King's College London
  • 2016 "Symmetric functions and their relation to free field vertex algebras", AMS Sectional Meeting, Stony Brook
  • 2015, “Symmetric polynomials and modules over affine sl 2 at admissible levels”, Conference on Lie Algebras, Vertex Operator Algebras, and Related Topics, University of Notre Dame; Symmetries and Spinors Interactions between Geometry and Physics, University of Adelaide
  • 2014, “From free field theory to symmetric polynomials”, Australia New Zealand Mathematics Convention 2014, Melbourne; String-Math 2014, University of Alberta, Edmonton
  • 2014, “Rational logarithmic extensions of the minimal models and their simple modules”, Modern Trends in TQFT, Erwin Schrödinger Institute, Vienna
  • 2013, “On the extended W-algebra of type sl2 at positive rational level”, String theory, Integrable systems and representation theory, RIMS Symposium, The University of Kyoto
  • 2012,  Understanding logarithmic CFT, String-Math 2012, Hausdorff center for Mathematics, Bonn
  • 2011, Vertex operator algebras for logarithmic CFT, Vertex Operator Algebras, Finite Groups and Related Topics, Academia Sinica, Taipei