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 Andrew Millington

Andrew Millington

Teaching associate

Yr Ysgol Optometreg a Gwyddorau'r Golwg


A Brief Introduction to Reflective Practice
The Optician 9.8.13

A practice perspective on autism C54040
Dispensing Optics December 2016

Assessment of Visual Acuity C35906
Optometry Today 11.4.14

Binocular vision assessment C 37505
Optometry Today 31.10.14

Communicating with patients: Breaking bad news
Optometry Today 16.6.06

Communication and autistic spectrum disorder C39449
The Optician 19.2.15

Examining patients with cerebral palsy C 41476
Optometry Today 11.7.15

How to avoid stress and prevent burnout
The Optician 26.6.09

How to survive the heartsink patient
The Optician 22.8.08

Hvordan kommunisere med barn?
How to communicate with children
Optikeren April 2005

Improving compliance in contact lens wear
Optometry Today 2007

Ischaemic Left Central Vein Occlusion
Optos Casestudies 2011

It’s as easy as ABC: Communicating with children in practice C55668
Dispensing Optics June 2017

It’s the way you tell them
The Optician 26.9.08

Learning disabilities the history and symptoms routine C 37146
Optometry Today 18.7.14

Look at me when I'm talking to you C39881
The Optician 19.3.15

Medical models of consultation
The Optician 11.4.08

Mental Health an introduction for practitioners C52380
The Optician 27.5.16

Patient-centred consultation
The Optician 9.2.08

Reflective Practice
The Optician 22.11.13

Softening the Blow with Dr Helen Court
The Optician 5.6.09The art of communicating with children
Optometry Today 20.5.05

The autistic spectrum and eye examinations
The Optician 23.5.08

The Balance of Power with Dr Helen Court
The Optician 14.8.09

The implications of Missed Appointments C56742
The Optician 26.5.17

The Language of Empathy
The  Optician 13.6.08

The Learning Disabled Patient in Practice C51208
Dispensing Optics May 2016

The non-verbal patient C55871
The Optician 24.3.17

The Trouble with Screening
The Optician 22.7.2009

Understanding Net Promoter Scores
The Optician 22/09/2017

Window displays: Putting it all out there
The Optician 24/11/2017

Footprints in the ether – curating your online presence
The Optician 25/05/2018

All playing a part: How to improve your retail theatre
The Optician 28/08/2018

Three questions to define your business (and one to refine it)
The Optician 29/12/2017

Why bother with trade shows?
The Optician 26/02/2018

What are your KPIs?
The Optician 23/06/2017

Say hello, don’t wave goodbye
The Optician 28/09/2018

Opportunity knocks
The Optician 02/11/2018

Management advice: The use and misuse of emails
The Optician 27/07/2018