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Dr Mahmoud Akhtar

Dr Mahmoud Akhtar

School Manager


  • Combining synthetic chemistry and biology approaches to generate novel drugs.
  • Synthetic biology to generate novel unnatural terpenoids through protein and metabolic engineering.
  • Intracellular Biphotonic Nanoswitches: programmed control of molecular pathways with light.
  • Mechanistic studies of enzymatic hydrogen tunnelling.



Professor Allemann$acirc; s research page


PhD University of Southampton (1988, D. Gani, stereochemistry and mechanistic studies of amino acid metabolising enzymes). Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of Southampton (1988-90, D. Gani, study of the chemistry of tobacco-specific nitrosamine catabolism; stereochemical and mechanistic studies of PLP dependent decarboxylases). Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of St. Andrews (1990-93, D. Gani, stereochemical and mechanistic Studies of b-methylaspartase; design and use microreactors for use in combinatorial chemistry and solid-phase synthesis). Senior Scientific Officer, University of St. Andrews (1993-98; organic and biological chemistry). Project Officer and Teaching Instructor, University of Birmingham (1998-2005, organic and biological chemistry). Appointed Senior Scientific Officer, Cardiff, in 2005, responsible for the day-to-day management of Professor R. K. Allemann$acirc; s research group. In 2008, took on the additional role of Research and Fiscal Manager.


Further Information: Professor Allemann$acirc; s research page


CH0003 -  Chemistry of Organic Compounds

CH3103 - Foundations of Organic chemistry

CH3216  -  Chemical Biology II: Introduction to Enzyme and Nucleic Acid Chemistry

CHT225  - Biocatalysis II: Industrial Applications of Biocatalysis

BI1215 - Chemistry 2





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