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Dr Annie Williams

Dr Annie Williams

Research Associate

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After many  years working as a public services (health) practitioner I returned to academia. Since then I have been working within social science  and involved in evaluating the process and effect of diverse public services. My main interest lies in the efficacy of service interventions and service delivery, especially those targeting disadvantaged or marginalised individuals and groups. To date I have been predominantly concerned with voluntary family services and the impact of practice methods. and models.


Annie has recently been working as part of public health and social work teams evaluating the impact of complex interventions addressing drugs and alcohol misuse. Annie also does a small amount of teaching on substance misuse and health improvement. Her areas of interest include people$acirc; s motivation and triggers for substance misuse and the impact of different level interventions on use, especially on the use of disadvantaged individuals and groups. Annie's PhD explored the impact of a social policy family initiative on the wellbeing and development of parents and children in an area of deprivation. Annie's early career saw her working as a dental surgeon, gaining experience as a partner in a General Practice and in the hospital environment. An interest in patient behaviour led her to leave dentistry for further academic study and her present work.

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Resrach Methods

Masters in Public Health: Health Improvement

  • Socio-ecological influences on Substance misuse
  • Substance misuse in disadvantaged individuals, groups and areas
  • Intra and inter-personal substance misuse interventions
  • Family Service delivery
  • Restorative Practice in family service care
  • The co-producation of family services