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Dr Michael Packianather

Dr Michael Packianather

Senior Lecturer - Teaching and Research

Yr Ysgol Peirianneg

+44 (0)29 2087 5911

Dr. Michael S Packianather received his BSc(Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and MSc and PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Wales Cardiff in 1991, 1993 and 1997 respectively. From February 1997 to 2001 he worked as a Research Associate at the Manufacturing Engineering Centre (MEC) at Cardiff University before becoming a lecturer. In 2005 he was appointed as the Director of Postgraduate Research Studies at the MEC. His research interests include: - intelligent manufacturing systems - neural networks - pattern recognition - expert systems - fault diagnosis - quality control - signal processing - feature selection - data mining and machine learning - optimisation methods - bio-informatics - medical engineering - design of experiments and - micro/nano technologies. Mechanical, Manufacturing and Medical Engineering
Mechanics, Materials and Advanced Manufacturing

He has several journal and conference publications. He has managed a number of research projects and acted as a technical consultant to them. He has been involved in research collaboration networks between Europe-Asia and Europe-Latin America funded by the EU. He has given keynote lectures and guest lectures both in the UK and abroad. He is an Associate Editor of IEEE Systems Journal. He served as a steering group member of the Welsh Mechatronic Forum. He is a Charted Engineer and Corporate Member of the British Institution of Engineering Technology (IET). He is a committee member of the IET South Wales Manufacturing & Management Technical Network. He was invited to give a plenary talk and act as a moderator at the “Innovation in Teaching, Research and Management in Higher Education” conference co–organized by the British Council Vietnam and SEAMEO-RETRACT which was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 14-15 July 2011.

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FLEXITOOL - Flexible tooling for the manufacture of free-form architectural cladding and facadesSetchi RM, Packianather M, Su SEuropean Commission (FP7)38506201/10/2010 - 30/09/2012
SRS - Multi-role shadow robotic system for independent livingSetchi RM, Qiu R, Noyvirt AE, Packianather MCommission of European Communities65009401/02/2010 - 31/01/2013
Innovative production machines and systems I*PROMS - RCMC008Dr E Eldukhri, Prof DT Pham, Dr RM Setchi, Dr SS Dimov, Dr M Packianather, Dr AJ Thomas, Dr A SorokaCommission of European Communities 94510201/10/2004 - 01/09/2009
Astute - Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing TechnologyNaim M (CARBS), Setchi R, Bigot S, Brousseau E, Prickett P, Davies A, Bowen P, Packianather M, Grosvenor RI (with CARBS)WEFO190311701/05/2010 - 30/04/2015
To Review and Implement a Method of Surface Treatment of Plastics to Create an Attraction to Facilitate the Bonding of Biological MaterialsPackianather MKTP/Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics12197201/01/2010 - 31/12/2011
To increase production output and sustainability of the current process via the integration of CAD-CAM, and design and commissioning of an automated brick cutting machinery together with the introduction of ''fit'' manufacturing systemPackianther M, Davies AKTP and Brick Fabrication14267304/02/2013 - 03/02/2015
Supporting Innovatiive Product Engineering and Responsive ManufactureProf DT Pham, Dr SS Dimov, Mrs P Pham, Dr PR Drake, Dr M Packianather, Dr RM SetchiVarious Industry 193045402/07/2001 - 02/01/2004
Supporting Innovative Product Engineering and Responsive ManufactureProf DT Pham, Dr SS Dimov, Mrs P Pham, Dr PR Drake, Dr M Packianather, Dr RM SetchiThe National Assembly for Wales (European Regional Development Fund)533098202/07/2001 - 31/12/2003
Distinguished visiting fellowship scheme 1Dr M PackianatherRoyal Academy of Engineering542001/05/2009 - 25/12/2009
Improvement of production processes through integration of macro, micro and nanotechnologies (IPMMAN)Pham DT, Wang Z, SU S, Packianather MCommission of European Communities2414001/02/2006 - 01/02/2009

Supervised Students

Semantic based task planning for domestic service robotsAL MOADHEN AHMED ABDULHADIGraduatePhD
Review of position control systems for aerospace applications.AL MALIKI AsaadCurrentPhD
Enhancements For The Bees AlgorithmIMANGULIYEV AzarGraduatePhD
Developing a Fit Manufacturing SystemALMUTARI Bader D F H ACurrentPhD
Novel Computational Technique For Determining Depth Using The Bees Algorithm And Blind Image DeconvolutionYUCE BarisGraduatePhD
Statistical model-Based Approaches In Machine Learning And Data MiningGUI BingGraduateMPhil/PhD
A Novel Rule Induction Algorithm With Improved Handling Of Contuinuous Valued AttributesPHAM Dinh TrungGraduatePhD
Spiking Neural Networks.CHARLES Eugene Yugarajah AndrewGraduatePhD
Product Service System Design for Automative EngineeringALOTAIBI Fayez A B TCurrentPhD
Hot Embossing Process Parameters: Simulation and Experimental StudiesOMAR FuadGraduatePhD
Intelligent model-based control of complex three-link mechanismsKAMIL Haider GalilGraduatePhD
Fit Manufacturing: Novel Fitness Indices For Continuous ImprovementKUTBI JameelGraduatePhD
Machine Scheduling Using The Bees AlgorithmPHRUEKSANANT JanyaratGraduatePhD
Manipulation of nanoparticles by pushing operations using an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)GONZALEZ ROMO Mario JavierGraduatePhD
Conceptual Design Of A Gripper For A First-Aid RobotSAW Min HtetGraduateMPhil
Fractional Dimension For Clustering And Unsupervised And Supervised Feature SelectionSANCHEZ GARCIA Moises NoeGraduatePhD
Beyond Lean; A Framewprk For Fit Production SystemsWILLIAMS Oludare AdebayoGraduatePhD
Fit Manufacturing Data Mining and Machine Learning Applied to Brick CuttingSOMAN SajithCurrentMPhil
A Study of Search Neighbourhood In The Bees AlgorithmAHMAD Siti AzfanizamGraduateMPhil/PhD
Fit Manufacturing: Production Fitness As The measure Of Production Operations PerformanceEBRAHIM ZuhriahGraduatePhD