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 Chloe Apsey

Chloe Apsey

Psychology Assistant, Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences

Yr Ysgol Meddygaeth

Adeilad Hadyn Ellis, Heol Maendy, Caerdydd, CF24 4HQ


I am currently assiting on the Reproductive Mental Health Programme as part of the flagship project Genetic Architecture Of Sex Steroid-related Psychiatric Disorders" (GASSP) led by Dr Arianna Di Florio.

My main focus is on the ’ PreDDICT: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: Indicators, Causes, and Triggers’ project. As I explained in more detail on a recent blog post, PMDD is unfortunately an under-researched disorder and therefore, I am extremely excited and grateful to help contribute to changing that. The aim of the project is to improve understanding of how genetic and environmental factors can help to identify individuals at risk, with the long term goal of helping to improve the current approach to diagnosis, prevention, treatment and support for individuals experiencing PMDD.

I completed my BSc in Psychology at the University of Plymouth and my MSc in Neuroimaging here at Cardiff. I am passionate about Clinical Neuroscience and hope to continue my research career by completing a PHD in the future. I would love to integrate my new found interest in PMDD with my knowledge in Neuroimaging research. Alternatively, I also have a personal interest in the Neuroinflammation model of psychiartic condtions, particularly Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.