Ewch i’r prif gynnwys
Dr Numair Masud

Dr Numair Masud

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Adeilad Syr Martin Evans, Rhodfa'r Amgueddfa, Caerdydd, CF10 3AX


In my current role as a research investigator, I focus on fish welfare with an emphasis on host-pathogen dynamics. Understanding and potentially improving fish welfare has been a slow endeavour, with the knowledge that fish can neurologically respond to pain only being discovered in 2003. This neglect of fish welfare has contributed to the ‘silent extinction’ of many fish species, with freshwater species in particular facing higher extinction rates than any other group of vertebrates on the planet. Pathogens are one of  the key factors implicated in the demise of wild fish populations and also the major factor preventing the sustainable expansion of aquaculture. Therefore, my research has relevance to ecosystems and the fish trade.

Key research interests:

  • - Impact of stressors on fish behaviour, physiology and disease resistance
  • - Developing infectious disease prevention and control strategies





My research can broadly be divided into three key areas:

Aquaculture: with our industry partner Adisseo-Nutriad, I investigate how fortified feeds impact disease resistance and mortality in fish. In developing and testing fortified feeds, aquaculture is addressing preventative and control strategies that replaces the traditional approach of chemical treatments.

Ornamental trade: my research has focussed on how various stressors including, transport stress, enrichment deprivation and noise pollution impact fish physiology, behaviour, and disease resistance. With fish being the most populous pets in western households, such primary research offers insights into how neglected stressors might be impacting fish welfare. Techniques used include behavioural analysis, respirometry and experimental parasitology.

Ecosystems: using an interdisciplinary approach, I investigate how various ecosystem pollutants such as microplastics and herbicides impact freshwater fish welfare. Here, I have drawn on various techniques including NMR spectroscopy, transcriptomic analysis, and experimental parasitology.

Line manager

Professor Jo Cable


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