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Dr Rebecca Hamilton

Dr Rebecca Hamilton

Research associate / coordinator

T0.17, Adeilad Trevithick, The Parade, Heol Casnewydd, Caerdydd, CF24 3AA


My research and teaching interests are rooted within rehabilitation and therapeutic sciences. This stems from a background in sport and exercise science, clinical biomechanics and developed in the medical engineering field. My contribution to the research is focussed on how biomechanics can inform clinical-based assessments and rehabilitation monitoring in objective manners while incorporating patient experience as well-rounded clinically beneficial tools. I have worked with both musculoskeletal and neurodegenerative patient groups and believe movement health assessments to be key aspects in advancing treatments for both these condition types. 

I am passionate about movement health and improving research, education and human applicable analysis in this area. As a sports and outdoor enthusiast, I am keen to encourage healthy levels of mobility, and contribute to this area of knowledge with research and teaching development.


I completed my PhD at Edinburgh Napier University, where I investigated a spinal mobilisation intervention in people with multiple sclerosis and low back pain. This project collaborated with Medical Research Scotland and Pacla Medical Ltd and investigated the effects of manual therapy on muscle quality, movement patterns, self-reported pain and fatigue. I remained a key member of the research student community by sitting as a representative on the Ethics Research Committee, the Research Conference Organisation Committee and as a Research Student Representative as well as retaining regular involvement in Undergraduate teaching. 

I joined the team at the Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Facility (MSKBRF), a state-of-the-art research facility, in January 2020 as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate supporting projects funded by EPSRC, Versus Arthritis and the Welsh Government. Within the facility, I run several research projects working towards further grant funding and contribute to teaching modules. I work as the Clinical Lab Manager, maintaining the documentation and coordinating lab activities including ensuring Covid-19 approved protocols are in place. I support an essential Clinical Gait Analysis in the facility with the Rehabilitation Engineering Unit at Cardiff and Vale NHS contributing to clinical treatment decisions.

I also work as a Research Coordinator for the OATech+ Network, an EPSRC funded Research Network that aims to drive forward technology development in osteoarthritis research. This is a UK wide network collaborating with several leading institutions and involves performing finance reviews, faciliating and chairing Focus/Sandpit Meetings, presenting and coordinating research outputs, and maintaing the Network website and online communications.






I support teaching for Undergraduate Medical Engineering students with project supervision, lab tutorial support, rehabiliation/wearable technology training, research methods and statistics training, report feedback and assessments. 

During the years of completing my PhD, I retained continued involvement in teaching Undergraduate students in Introductory and Intermediate Sport Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology and Foundations of Applied Sport Science modules. During this time I gained an Associate Fellowship with the Higher Education Academy and remain enthusiastic towards teaching.

My initial research interest in sports biomechanics as a student led to projects kinetic and kinematic assessments of arm swing in running and data collection Research Assistant roles working with clinical populations (chronic stroke patients and Riding with the Disabled charity). My PhD research retained a rehabilitation and clinical biomechanics focus investigating a manual therapeutic to contribute to understanding it's effects on muscle quality, movement patterns, self-reported pain and fatigue. My work as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate focusses around rehabilitation technology to inform patient assessment and monitoring as beneficial clinical tools. This includes supporting osteoarthritis (OA) gait analysis, development of quantitative sensory testing with Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, development of remote rehabilitation tools with Agile Kinetic Ltd., OATech+ research for OA dataset integration/analysis, nociception measurement, wearable sensor development/integration and reviewing biomechanical technology for remote data collection. 

Grant Awards/Current Research Collaborations

  • OATech Network+ Research Feasibility Award. Measuring knee nociception using physiological and movement responses with a defined physical stimulus. 50K (Mar 2022).
  • Welsh Government Innovation for All Award. Adaptation of a pressure-pain delivery device to explore use as a modular device for dynamic applications. 20K (Mar 2022).
  • Welsh Data Nation Accelerator Sprint Award in collaboration with Agile Kinetic Ltd. Utilising pose estimation data for biomechanical characterization in remote rehabilitation assessment. 10K (Jan 2022).
  • Innovation for All Award: Translational Kickstart Fund. Development of MRI-compatible pressure delivery device for chronic pain research. 10K (Sep 2021).
  • Accelerate Wales Project Award in collaboration with Agile Kinetic. Development of a pose estimation medical device for remote measurement of patient joint angles. 63K (Aug 2021).
  • Wellcome Trust Institutional Translational Partnership Award: Translation of Concept Fund. Development of MRI-compatible pressure delivery device for chronic pain research. 20K (Apr 2021).