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 Rebecca Beckley

Rebecca Beckley

Region Co-ordinator Language Horizons Student Mentoring Project

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I have been working as a Project Coordinator with MFL Mentoring for over 2 years.

MFL Mentoring mobilises mentoring methodologies to improve motivation and resilience for language learning at GCSE and beyond. Our project encourages a multilingual, global mindset that is open to all regardless of a learner’s socio-economic background or proficiency in the language classroom. Our learners are encouraged to be curious and to challenge their perspectives and assumptions by exploring the world through language and culture. This project is funded by the Welsh Government and enjoys fruitful partnerships with Aberystwyth, Bangor, Swansea and UWTSD Universities.

The project trains university students to mentor learners aged 12-14 as they make their GCSE option choices. Mentoring sessions take place either in the classroom or online depending on the needs of the school. Mentors run six sessions each autumn and spring term with small groups of mentees to provide a learner-centred approach. Each session focuses on a different theme to help learners see the multidisciplinary nature of language learning. The themes explore all languages and cultures around the world rather than promoting one language in particular. This ensures that, regardless of a learner’s language profile or proficiency, there is something to inspire and motivate. We have worked in over 130 of the Secondary Schools across Wales.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I helped to create a fully digital and immersive transformation project for post-16 learners due to school closures across the UK. This part of the project was created with the aim to develop a positive experience around digital learning, as well as expand learners’ knowledge about the opportunities available at university in terms of degree choices.

I am also currently producing teaching and learning resources for Year 7 learners to help teachers as they transition to the the Curriculum for Wales. Through our resources, we show that languages are everywhere and connect to all subject areas.


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