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Tessa Carver

Research Associate
Gravity Exploration Institute

Ysgol Ffiseg a Seryddiaeth


I am a post-doctoral researcher in the Gravity Exploration Institute researching Binary Neutron Star mergers as sources of multiple astrophysical messengers.

I have a history in neutrino astronomy and neutrino & gamma-ray correlations as a member of the IceCube collaboration.

These days I am looking for Gravitational Wave signals from the extremely violent phenomena, Binary Netron Star mergers, which could produce a range of signals, including, Gamma-rays, X-rays, visible light, neutrinos, and gravitational waves. My research also includes looking at new models that infer the Binary system and merger properties by analyzing the data from a range of observatories that were online at the time of the event.

In addition to this work I have a keen interest in education and outreach. Particularly concerning people from marginalized groups and those who would not otherwise consider a future in STEM. As such I am organising a childrens coding club for Girls and Gender Minorities.