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Dr Christopher Hood

Dr Christopher Hood

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My research interests primarily relate to Japan and fall into two areas. First, I am particularly interested in themes relating to identity and symbolism. Second, I am interested in issues relating to the railways and aviation in Japan.



















I believe in both research-led teaching and teaching-led research, and aim to improve students' understanding of Japan and to develop key skills such as presentation skills and inter-cultural communication.

My research interests include:

  • Aviation in Japan
  • Identity and Symbolism in Japan
  • Japanese education system
  • The JL123 plane crash in 1985
  • The shinkansen and railways in Japan

My doctoral research and first book,Japanese Education Reform: Nakasone’s Legacy, were on education reforms in Japan and the influence of Prime Minister Nakasone.

My next project was on the shinkansen ('bullet train'), looking at the ways in which it both reflects aspects of Japanese society and the ways in which it has influenced Japanese society. This book, Shinkansen - From Bullet Train to Symbol of Modern Japan, was published originally in 2006, with a paperback version published in 2007.

My third book is about the Japan Air Lines flight JL123 crash in 1985. Although the book, Dealing with Disaster in Japan: Responses to the Flight JL123 Crash, published in 2011, discusses the reasons for the crash, it primarily looks at what can be learnt about Japanese, and to some extent global, society by looking at what happened following the crash.

In addition to continuing research related to the shinkansen and JL123, I am working on a textbook, Japan: The Basics (due to be published in 2014), part of Routledge's The Basics series. The Basics is a highly successful series of accessible guidebooks which provide an overview of the fundamental principles of a subject area in a jargon-free and undaunting format. They are intended for readers coming to a subject for the first time which usually means a combination of students, particularly undergraduates or High School students, and general readers.

I have also worked on a number of other projects. For example, I was the editor of The Politics of Modern Japan, a 4 volume collection of articles on Japanese politics, published in 2008. I was also co-editor, with Prof. G. Bownas and D. Powers, of Doing Business with the Japanese, published in 2003."


I have lead the following projects:

Fieldtrip to Japan to study key mass-transportation issues
Duration: Saturday 1 June 2013 - Monday 30 September 2013
Sponsored by Japan Foundation Endowment Committee (£4,440)
Award type: Research

Fieldtrip to Japan
Duration: Wednesday 1 May 2013 - Saturday 31 August 2013
Sponsored by Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (£2,000)
Award type: Research

Remembrance and social memory in Japan
Duration: Sunday 1 August 2010 - Tuesday 31 August 2010
Sponsored by Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (£1,000)
Award type: Research

Remembering the JL123 plane crash in 1985
Duration: Tuesday 1 July 2008 - Wednesday 30 September 2009
Sponsored by Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (£2,000)
Award type: Research

Fieldtrip to Japan to research the JL123 plane crash in 1985
Duration: Saturday 1 August 2009 - Friday 14 August 2009
Sponsored by Japan Foundation Endowment Committee (£1,410)
Award type: Research