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Amr Alraies

Research Associate

Ysgol Deintyddiaeth


  • PhD in “Exploiting Dental Pulp Stem Cells for Tissue Regeneration”
    Supervisors: Prof. Alastair Sloan, Dr Ryan Moseley and Prof. Rachel Waddington.
    School of Dentistry, Cardiff University, UK. 
  • MSc in Tissue Engineering.
    School of Dentistry, Cardiff University,  UK 
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery
    October 6 University, Cairo, Egypt

PhD Title

Characterisation of Clonal Dental Pulp Progenitors and the Effects of In Vitro Expansion and Hydrogen Peroxide

PhD Description

Dental pulp progenitor cells (DPPCs) are among many stem cell sources potentially beneficial for tissue engineering. DPPCs offer advantages over other mesenchymal stem cell sources, due to their accessibility and multi-lineage differentiation. However, distinct DPPC clones exist within dental pulp.

My PhD findings support the significant variations in DPPC clonal proliferative/differentiation capabilities under normal and oxidative stress (H2O2 treatment) conditions. These variations were partly explained by telomere length, differentiation ability and cellular ageing differences. DPPC heterogeneity was confirmed using Raman Spectroscopy analysis, which distinguished between high and low proliferative clones. High and low proliferative clonal behaviour was also assessed in type I collagen gels, demonstrating increased contraction and reduced cell proliferation in detached versus attached gels.

These findings will ultimately help developing methods for the selective isolation of highly proliferative clones from whole dental pulp, thereby permitting greater cellular expansion for in vitro/in vivo assessment and eventual clinical use.

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