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Dr Yi-Lin Wu

Dr Yi-Lin Wu

Lecturer in Materials Chemistry

Yr Ysgol Cemeg

+44 (0)29 2087 5841
Room 2.64A, Y Prif Adeilad, Plas y Parc, Caerdydd, CF10 3AT

The main scheme of our research is to explore exciton/charge generation and transport within molecular assemblies, where novel properties emerge upon chromophore association. Such work allows for a better understanding of these processes in truly complex, multi-component structures in the macroscopic world.  Fundamentally, the ground and excited-state carrier dynamics are controlled by the chemical potential, which is a function of atomic composition, intermolecular interaction, orientation, and even spatial density.  Thus, our primary efforts have been focused on the development of methods to prepare an ensemble of molecules with tailored molecular properties with high spatial (0D to 3D) precision of the assemblies.  Our approach will go beyond the conventional covalent or supramolecular synthetic methods and will exploit, for instance, the curvature of the substrate or external stimuli to modulate the local chemical potential.  Parallel to this endeavour, due to the importance of the microscopic structure, we will also be applying imaging technologies with high spatial resolution, such as (conductive) AFM and (in situ) SEM/TEM for the solid samples.


Research Groups: Materials and Energy

Yi-Lin was born in Taipei and received his B.S. in Chemistry from National Taiwan University (2005) under the tutelage of Professor Tien-Yau Luh. After the military service, he moved to Switzerland to pursue his M.Sc. (2008) and Ph.D. (2012) degrees at ETH Zürich with Professor François Diederich. At ETH, he was involved in a wide range of physical organic projects ranging from the mechanistic investigation of click-type syntheses to photo-switchable systems for cholesteric liquid crystal induction. His graduate work was recognized by the Excellence Scholarship of ETH Zurich, Novartis M.Sc. Fellowship, and the Scholarship Fund of the Swiss Chemical Industry.

Following his Ph.D., he was awarded the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) Fellowship to start his postdoctoral research (2012) in the group of Professor Michael Wasielewski at Northwestern University, where he was subsequently promoted as the Research Assistant Professor (2014) and Research Associate Professor (2017) in Chemistry. At Northwestern, he took the synthetic and spectroscopic approaches simultaneously to interrogate the interplay between the self-assembly nanostructures and excited-state electron/spin/energy dynamics of biology- and photovoltaics-relevant materials.

Yi-Lin took the post of Lecturer in Materials Chemistry at Cardiff University in January 2019.


2019–present: Lecturer in Materials Chemistry, Cardiff University
2017–2018: Research Associate Professor, Northwestern University
2014–2017: Research Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

Education and Training:

2012−2013: SNF Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University (with Prof. M. R. Wasielewski)
2008–2012: Ph.D. in Chemistry, ETH Zurich (with Prof. F. Diederich)
2007–2008: M.Sc. in Chemistry, ETH Zurich (with Prof. F. Diederich)
2002–2005: B.S. in Chemistry, National Taiwan University (with Prof. T.-Y. Luh)







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