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Dr Jonathan Rourke

Dr Jonathan Rourke

Reader in Chemistry

Research interests in

1) mechanistic organometallic chemistry

2) the chemistry and properties of graphene and graphene oxide

Co-author of Shriver and Atkins Inorganic Chemistry 4th Ed, (2006), 5th ed (2010), Inorganic Chemistry 6th ed (2014), 7th ed (2018), and a contributer to Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry III.

1989 PhD, University of Sheffield, supervisor PM Maitlis

1900-91PDRA, University of Western Ontario, working with Prof RJ Puddephatt

1992-1993, PDRA University of Sheffield, working with Prof DW Bruce

1993-94, Lecturer, University of Bristol

1994-2018, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader, University of Warwick

2019- Director of Learning and Teaching, Cardiff University.






CH3102 Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry