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Dr Alan Parker

Dr Alan Parker

Senior Lecturer

Yr Ysgol Meddygaeth

+44 (0)29 22 510 231
Adeilad Henry Wellcome ar gyfer Ymchwil Biofeddygol, Ysbyty Athrofaol Cymru, Parc y Mynydd Bychan, Caerdydd, CF14 4XN
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The following postdoctoral researchers are presently employed in my group

  • Dr James Davies (funded by Cancer Research UK)
  • Dr Sarah Curtis (funded by Life Sciences Research Network Wales)

I am currently lead supervisor to the following PhD/MD students

  • Alex Baker (funded by Tenovus Cancer Care)
  • Sophia Tate (part funded by Wellcome ISSF translational kickstarter award)

I presently supervise the following undergraduate research projects

  • Elise Moses (PTY student, Aston University - "Developing targeted immunovirotherapies")
  • Kamarl Rauf (Pharmacology project student - "Developing targeted virotherapies for pancreatic cancers" - with Catherine Hogan (BIOSI))
  • Samuel Bannister (Pharmacology project student - "Manipulating the adenoviral fiber knob domain loops to probe receptor engagement" - with Alex Baker)

I am interested in supervising PhD/MD students in following areas:

  • Cancer virotherapies
  • Drug delivery
  • Vaccine development
  • Gene Therapy
  • Virology (with particular emphasis on adenoviral vectors)
  • Virus: host interactions
  • Immunotherapies

Combination therapies involving virotherapies (including radiotherapies, chemotherapies, immunotherapies, epigenetic therapies)

Goruchwyliaeth gyfredol

Mr Alexander Baker

Research student

Sophia Tate

Research student

Emily Bates

Research student

Tabitha Cunliffe

Research student

Prosiectau ymchwil ôl-raddedig

Recent successful project students from my lab include

  • Hanni Uusi-Kerttula (PhD, "Developing Ovarian Cancer Targeted Virotherapies" funded by Cancer Research Wales, 2014-2017, passed in 3 years with no corrections)
  • Jana Vanova (ERASMUS student, visiting from Charles University, Prague "Targeting of Ad10 to αvβ6 integrin")
  • James Moore (Intercalating Medical Student, "Development of visualisable virotherpies", 2016/17, passed with merit)
  • Sian Gardiner (MRes student, "Development of biotinylatable adenoviral vectors", 2015/16 passed with merit)
  • Tom Devonald (Pharmacology project student - "Effects of polycations and fusogenic peptides on adenoviral mediated cellular transduction" - passed with merit, 2013/14)
  • Mat Legut (PhD rotation project - "Development of adenoviral vectors targeted to EGFR")
  • Natalie Cox (BSGCT funded undergraduate Summer Studentship - "Development of Cancer Stem Cell Targeted Adenoviral Vectors" 2013 - selected to present findings as a poster at the BSGCT 2014 meeting")
  • James Campton (BSc (Med Sci) Clinical Medicine (First Class) "Development of Ad26 and Ad48 as gene transfer vehicles" (2012))
  • Heather Small (Wellcome Funded Summer Studentship: evaluation of Ad35 based vectors for cardiovascular interventions" (2011)
  • Ruth Parker  (MSc (Med Sci) Clinical Pharmacology (with Merit) "Gene Therapy for Cardiovacular Disease" (2012))
  • Pallavi Neogy  (MSc (Med Sci) Clinical Pharmacology (2011))
  • Brittany Durkin (MSc Biotechnology, "non-viral gene delivery systems" (2011))
  • Sophie Alizert (ERASMUS student, "Evaluation of novel adenoviral serotypes for cardiovascular gene therapy applications" (2010)).
  • Andrew Brown (BSc (Med Sci) Clinical Medicine (Upper Second) (2008)).
  • Kristeen Barker (BSc (Med Sci) Clinical Medicine (First Class) "Modulation of the Adenovirus serotype 5 capsid to preculde interaction with human factor X protein" (2007))
  • Jessica Doctor (BSc (Med Sci) Clinical Medicine (Upper Second) "Evaluation of an adenoviral pseudotype library for gene therapy applications" (2006))

I perform a significant amount of engagement activity on behalf of both School and for the British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy.  I am a registered STEMNet ambassador, and regularly attend a variety of events including school outreach events to public and patient engagement events and science festivals, as well as writing lay blog articles on gene and cell therapy (see https://www.bsgct.org/author/alanparker/).  My commitment to engagement has resulted in my featuring in a School of Medicine "Public Engagement and Involvement in Research" case study which can be accessed here http://alanp14.tripod.com/Papers/_parkercasestudy.pdf