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 Lorena Santamaria

Lorena Santamaria

Research Associate

Yr Ysgol Seicoleg

Research summary

I am interested in how machine learning and brain connectivity (together or individually) can help us to understand the underlying mechanisms of the brain.  This will give us insight regarding individual aspects such as decision making, memory consolidation or creativity but also it can be applied to the understanding of social interactions or to gain knowledge in medical conditions such as Parkinson's disease or Autism spectrum disorders.

Teaching summary

2016: Teaching assistant, Introduction to Biomedical Engineering seminar , Warwick University (Coventry,UK) 2008-2011: Lecturer at Engineering School, Cantabria University (Spain):

  • Automatic Systems (Industrial Engineering Degree)
  • Control Systems (Telecommunication Engineering Degree)
  • Engineering Systems (Industrial Engineering Degree)
  • Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering (cross disciplines)
  • Perception Systems (Industrial Engineering Degree)

Undergraduate education

Telecommunication Engineer - speciality in Microelectronics, Cantabria University, Spain

Postgraduate education

MEng Mobile Network Information and Communication Technologies, Cantabria University, Spain
PhD in Engineering, Warwick University, Coventry, UK

Awards/external committees

International patent WO/2010/079252: “Apparatus, method and system for the ambulatory recording and analysing of intra-cranial pressure as well as for the automatic detection of associated pathologies.


2017 Research associate Baby-Linc Lab, University of Cambridge, UK
2008-2011 Lecturer at Cantabria University (Spain)

Research topics and related papers

Brain Computer Interfaces

Machine Learning

Brain connectivity

Signal processing

Memory consolidation



2016-17 Newton Fund PhD Placement Programme (British Council), Tsinghua University (China)

2013-17 PhD studentship, Warwick University (UK)

2006-2009 Pre-doctoral fellowship , IFIMAV – Valdecilla University Hospital (Spain)

2005-2006 Erasmus grant, Brno University, (Czech Republic)

Research group

Laboratory of Neuroscience and the Psychology of Sleep (NaPS)

Research collaborators

Prof. Penny Lewis (Cardiff University,UK)Prof. Christopher James (Warwick University,UK)
Dr. Victoria Leong (Cambridge University,UK)
Prof. Hong Bo (Tsinghua University, China)
M.D. Ruben Martin Laez (Valdecilla University Hospital, Spain)


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